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Creating An Eye Grabber




Posters are used to reach a broader audience range, which is quite useful when it comes to advertisements and promotions.

As such, making your posters eye catching is of significant importance, especially seeing that you want to reach the widest possible audience. It is also important to ensure the poster you create can convey the intended message well. Listed below are five tips for making an eye-catching poster.

  1. Have a hierarchy of text


Incorporating a hierarchy of text into your poster design means using different fonts in varied sizes to ensure it is easy for your target audience to determine the most important message. A hierarchy of text is also vital in driving the eyes of whoever reads the poster. When you are using type, it is important to consider what you want the targeted audience to see at first glance. This consideration will enable you to convey your intended message to the readers on their very first glance.


  1. Choose high-quality images


You must start by selecting the right image to use depending on the message you want to send across. The picture must also relate to the most important message in your poster. After you have chosen the most suitable image to use, be sure to look into its quality. Avoid the use of poor quality or small images. Chances are the resulting print will be blurry. Most of the software for graphic design allows viewing of designs in its actual size, which means you can easily tell if the image you select is suitable. Your images have to be big and clear enough for the target audience to see. Today, high-quality free stock pictures are available on so many websites. High quality photos are typically 1920×1080 pixel high-definition or 300 DPI at printing size.


  1. Use complementing color combinations


Determine which colors represent the subject of your poster the best before you check on the color combinations. For instance, if the subject of your poster is nature, the most suitable color choice would be green. Once you decide the main color, such as green for nature, choose additional colors that complement green. You should not overdo the colors because the results will be heavy for the eyes. It is better to use either muted colors or white for the background, although you can also try dark colors provided you observe contrast by applying texts of a lighter toned.


  1. Wisely choose your typeface and font style


Do not get confused about typefaces and font styles. Fonts can be roman, boldface, and others while typeface is either sans serif or serif. It might also be a good idea to arm yourself with some knowledge relating to typography before you can try designing. Choosing the most suitable typefaces and fonts is important because every single character in your type relates a different story. For instance, the use of Arial Bold (Sans Serif) results in a strong appearance while the use of Times New Roman (Serif) results in a much softer but more formal look. These characters speak for themselves in a similar manner as the resulting look of the sophisticated Palace Script and Creepy Chiller. Remember, your type has a personality.


  1. Poster Printing Layout


Your overall layout is also quite important when it comes to creating an eye-catching poster. Layout refers to the manner in which you arrange all the elements included in the poster. You must take the flow of your target audience’s eyes into consideration when you are trying to decide the most suitable layout for the poster. Check to confirm whether the arrangement you settle on is easy to read and understand and if the main points are appropriately emphasized. Remember to observe balance in your layout. Avoid placing so many images either on top or to one side because the result will appear out of balance since every other element will seem to have been pulled. It is essential to leave 1 inch margins around the edges. You must also ensure the flow of information is clear as a result of the layout you settle on.




As much as you can always add creative touches to your design, you must remember to keep the message simple. Keep your target audience in mind and ensure they can relate to your poster by making the purpose and message clear. Also, do not overload with copy as posters are meant to grab your attention quickly.

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