All printing quotes are not created equal and if your yardstick is the lowest bid, than you are making a choice based on the narrowest of criteria and you owe your self or company better. Usually by implication, smarter companies never take the bottom quote on the assumption that in the final analysis they will get less in the way of service or quality. However, if you have the time to look at the companies that you are getting bids from and talk to the one who presented the bid to you, then you will garner more of the insight needed for your final choice.

The best deal for your company is not solely based on price. It is based on many factors and some of them are:




4-shipping and other ancillary costs

5-where do you think you can build a long term relationship

The last one is very important as in all businesses as well as personal life it is also about the relationship and not just all about “the Benjamins” (money).  With a good relationship there is a reason for your printer to “bend with your needs”. If you need a rush job or a more favorable price, then what is the motivation of the printer to do so? It is because the printer wants to keep you as a client. Smart printers know that it is easier to keep a customer than find a new one.

In the final analysis it is not all about the lowest bid, but about building a business relationship that you can count on. There are many commercial printers on the web offering dirt cheap prices for small run items such as business cards, flyers, etc. where you will get about as much service there as at a self serve gas station. Think about the long term when choosing a printing company as in the long term you will be getting the best deals.

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