1- Explain with copy and visuals the benefits of doing business with your company. Understand that you are creating a message about your product or service. Explain the benefits of your product or service. Let people know how your product or service will benefit them, how they can save money and why they should be using your product or service rather than your competitors. When you are printing flyers, offer these questions, answers and benefits to your reader, so they can chose you for the benefits you can offer them.


2- Use an eye grabbing question or statement as a caption at the top of your flyer. Ask a question that one is compelled to answer. You are not just printing flyers to show your images, but to sell your product or service. Therefore, use language that compels and sells.

3-If you cannot write compelling copy, using the “USP” and need to ask, “what is a USP”, hire a professional copy writer.


4- Use Quality Images. You have just so much space on a flyer and your impact towards making your sale is.  Do not skimp on the quality of your images. If you use images that are of poor quality, your flyer will suffer for it. Images should be CMYK and not RGB and 300 dpi.


5- If you are printing flyers in black only, do not give your printer a file with color images as they will print dark. Convert them first in Photoshop to Grayscale.


6- If on an Ink press, as opposed to a digital press using toner, your file will print darker by 5-15% depending on the press. Lighten your images to compensate for this as well as specifically for the press used. .


7- Verify the resolution of your images. They should be 300 dpi (dots per inch) and CMYK, rather than RGB. You can view your image at 400% to give you an idea as to how it will print. If you see pixels you are in trouble.


8- Try to use 100# gloss book if printing on both sides, otherwise 70 and 80# will suffice if only printing on one.


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