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A magazine depicting your homes and their descriptions is a wonderful way to get your message and listings out in a concise and compact format. When you print a magazine it allows you to continue to “brand” your image, show your homes with lots of description and features as well as display your own unique features and the benefits of dealing with you. Printing a magazine also allows you to also have a selling point when getting listings, letting your clients know that you can “go that extra mile” with a “showcase” in an upcoming issue with their property being prominently displayed.

Magazines can come in a variety of sizes and page counts. The two most standard for longer web run magazine printing are 8 3/8 x 10 7/8” or 5 3/8 x 8 3/8” and commonly referred to as “digest size. The first is larger, allowing for more prominent pictorial displays and the smaller allowing for a larger page count, for close to the same money as the larger. You can have cost savings options such as using the lighter paper grades, or heavier weight if you are promoting luxury properties and want that “heft”.  Standard page counts can be 8/16/24/32 and jumping in increments of 8 or 16 pages. Sixteen page jumps give you a better per page cost as a result of using the full printing signature as it goes through the press.

For cost savings features you can combine color and black and white when you print a magazine, along with coated gloss stocks and the uncoated grades of offset or even newsprint. The only catch is that you need to break up the styles of paper and inks within full signatures, 16 pages, ideally.

For shorter runs, you can benefit from our sheet fed magazine printing, and if 16 pages or under and up to 5,000 copies we always have specials going  on these. You can even benefit from our digital technology for printing magazines  as we now have presses that rival ink in color but utilize toner on gloss stocks. I would defy you to tell the difference, as they are that close. One might easily print a “hand out magazine” running 8 or 16 pages or more in the few hundred’s with this type of new technology.

Consider getting your message out with a magazine and differentiate yourself from the many real estate postcards you see daily.  

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