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Whether your business has a magazine or brochure to promote your message and could use an online adjunct, or you do not currently have one, you can benefit from our amazing new online “PBD- for your eEdition” company magazine, brochure or even your book. Please click the links below for an example of what can be your “PBD-eEdition” to promote your business. Just give us a PDF file and we convert, upload and house for you.


  • Basic Edition: $495.00 (if we print your publication, it may even be free to you).


  • The basic edition can have live links, if created by you in the native application, to your website or email address, and contain up to 64 pages.


  • Additional pages are $15.00 per 16 pages beyond the 64. We can add live links for $5.00 per link.


  • You will receive up to 3 months housing on our server, or for $15.00 per additional 3 month periods.


  • You will also receive absolutely FREE, a CD Rom burnable file, with your presentation included.


  • We can replicate disks, with label copy and packaging of your choice at an additional cost to you.


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