After the printing of  your magazine, catalog, book or other printed material, the services you can receive are varied. You can benefit from the choices mentioned here as each may offer you a unique benefit in getting your message or medium to your prospective mail marketing and campaign

Drop Shipping:

Once you place a single order for printing, the order, upon completion can segregate your magazines, catalogs, books, or other printed materials and ship them to multiple locations right from the printing plant. If your clients are in, let’s just say a dozen cities across the country and each location needs 5,000 catalogs, you don’t need to place a dozen different orders. Simply provide your printing company with your drop ship list and advise them of any prefered drop shipping instructions so they may completely arrange to have your catalogs shipped to all of the different addresses. This takes the hassle out of your shipping requirements and does so with optimal rates and services, due to the experience and knowledge of one who ships daily. 

Direct Mail:

With direct mail services by the printing company, you benefit by having the same company take your project from press to post office. You get the best rates possible based on the variables from your mailing. The printer’s postal permit is ink jetted, along with the addressee information right on your magazine. You can also have a label printed if that is your preference, as well as sending it out in a poly bag or envelope if you prefer. For reasonably large sized jobs you can benefit from co mailing services, so that your printing and direct mail marketing project can mail at rates even lower than carrier route. We do this by combining your direct mail piece with that of other large customers in order to get these special rates. We know how to get you to the post office with not only the best looking printed piece but save you the optimal money doing so.

Insertion to News Publications:

You can benefit by inserting your piece to a larger publication for distribution over the same area as the newspaper. For example, we print the Remax magazine that covers a large amount of Westside cities. That magazine, once printed, is delivered to the Daily Breeze and inserted to their weekend edition, thus distributing the Remax magazine to the Breeze readership.

Door To Door Distribution:

This is usually reserved for door hangers, but if you have a coupon magazine, or any periodical that would benefit from being dropped at someone’s doorstep of their home, than this is another alternate way to get your message out there. One side benefit of this is, that like direct mail, if the printing press ships your magazine to a distribution house, you then are able to avoid tax on the print run.



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