Let me tell you a story from my own personal experience of which I have shared at the time with my own clients and would now like to share with you. I have a hobby and it  catalog printing, book printing, magazine printing and direct mail
is collecting antique mantle and carriage clocks. Mid 2008 I decided to sell them for profit and started a “labor of love” business, with a brand new website called ValuableClocks.com. Since I specialize in building websites to facilitate our commercial printing business Printing By Design, which specializes in magazine printing, catalog printing and book printing  and have been doing so since 1994, I have learned a few things about “building them so they come”.

Nearing the end of that year, ValuableClocks.com shot to the top of the search engines and almost every well chosen keyword/phrase is on page one, with many at the number 1 position. So, in a bad economy what does this mean? It means that some folks still have “discretionary income” and can make purchases for things they like without too much worry. In January and February of the following year, several clocks sold (sales listed on site). The moral to this story is that while sales are down, there are those who can buy, and those who can tough it out by being in front of the marketplace are the ones who can make those sales. The same philosophy was utilized for the commercial printing business.

So what does this mean to you? It means that whatever your service or product, you are competing in a marketplace that contains fewer prospects for the purchase of your service or product. How do you benefit in this type of economy? You do so be being the leader that you are and not just waiting for the next shoe to drop. As P.T. Barnum remarked, “Without promotion, something terrible happens: NOTHING!”

You are probably asking yourself, “should I cut back on expenses and if so how?” You may even have considered advertising and marketing as a luxury and you keep putting off that new catalog printing project you had planned. Don’t even think that! The way to overcome adversity is to try harder! Research has shown us that those companies who maintained or increased their advertising, printing, direct mail and marketing during periods of recession not only survived it, but in the following three years after the recession ended were 200% ahead of their competitors who had cut their budgets.

How do you benefit from this? By committing yourself to either maintaining or increasing your advertising/marketing and commercial printing budget so when this is over, you not only will be left standing but will be an industry leader.

What can you do? You can benefit from our expertise in web printing, sheet fed printing and direct mail marketing, website building and optimization and direct mail campaigns in order to get your brand, product or services out there in front of the market place.

I am at your service in order to help facilitate an effective campaign in any of these areas and look forward to hearing from you in the near future.

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