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You just finished writing your book and you are happy with its content and feel that it can entertain or be of benefit to others. You then ask, what is my next step? How do I get it out to the public? How do I get it beyond family, friends and co-workers? How can I make money with it? Essentially you have two choices, find an agent that is both connected to the top book publishing companies and is willing to work hard to get your book placed and if you cannot the “next step” is to self publish your book. However, you may also want to consider it as being your first step!

First let’s look at some of the reasons to even self publish or have a company publish your book.  Most folks write a book as a creative endeavor and then seek a publisher or book printer to bring their work to market. However, there is another reason to publish a book and that is to promote your business or services. The reason being, aside from whatever inherent profit there is to publish creates an aura about you and/or your company. It depicts you in the eyes of those you would like to do business with as an expert. “Hey, he wrote the book on it” is a phrase you would benefit from. People like doing business with experts.


What Is Self Publishing?

Self Publishing, also known as vanity publishing if you are paying a third party publisher to publish for you, is when the author finances his or her own book and markets it directly to the public.  There are risks and there are rewards for self publishing.

What Are The Risks?

You are risking your own money by printing a book at your cost and take a chance that you could recoup your investment from the proceeds of its sale. You will be putting in potentially long hours promoting and marketing your book as part of your new business of being a “book publisher”.  There are costs to consider such as packaging for display boxes, shipping, book printing, and graphic design for both the cover and insides, distribution fees, editing, collections and more. One question you will find yourself continually asking and should be asking is, “did I take care of everything I need to”? Meaning did you cover all the bases, did you get that ISBN number (, as well as any other necessary ancillary items?

What Are the Rewards?

Instead of getting only a few percent on the sale of the book, you get 100% after retail, distribution and costs are deducted.  You will not have to face publisher rejection or revision of your work, which keeps you in control of your creativity. Your book flows from your desk to the book printer without anyone in between making changes you may object to. Your book comes to market a lot quicker and this can be important if it is on a timely subject. You can go beyond the traditional forms of marketing with your own “guerilla marketing” techniques, using social media, back of the room sales, online sales of both the printed version and an eBook one. Even if one day you want to unload the task of publishing to a major publisher, you then will be selling potentially very valuable rights due to the fact that you kick started your own marketing and sales.

There Are Additional Benefits For Book Printing And Publishing

You can establish your own pricing structure for the book as well as its size and have complete control of the art work. The quality of short run book printing has improved immensely. The better book printers today, when you go to print a book have the latest Docutech or Canon fully digital presses, that are equal to or better than most web presses in quality. Book printing companies today also have the latest iGen or Canon color presses, that will rival offset printing and this technology now allows book covers to be successfully UV coated or film laminated. In the final analysis the new book printing technology allows the author to have the benefit of a totally professional product.

Food For Thought?

Hopefully this information will allow you to consider the benefits between book printing and self publishing or the traditional publishing of your book.  

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