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Now you switch hats moving from writer to promoter, or you at least tip your hat towards your left brain from your right. It is a very different thought process but can also be creative. There are several things you will need to set in motion: Distribution, Marketing, Press and Retail Outlets among others. Once again, it is time to use that same work ethic you used when you wrote the book. Therefore let’s look at some of the items you will need to tackle.


Companies like Amazon, Barnes and Noble and others are amenable to considering one’s book for distribution and they are capable of doing so worldwide. Others are wholesalers such as Baker & Taylor, Bertram and Ingram. However, you will not fare well without a sales team trying to push your book into the stores. Just because you have found distribution it does not mean you will be guaranteed store placement for your book printing.


You will need several venues set up as a hub around your web site. Now, I am not suggesting you need a search engine optimized, high powered site, but you do need a small inexpensive site, with a link to PayPal, Amazon or similar, where one can make a purchase with ease. Once you have the website, you can add a page directly there for your blogging about the book, and this can be done using Word Press (see example of Word Press blog as part of our site: ). If this is more tech than you want to deal with, you can have whoever is building your site, build it in, or simply have a free stand alone blog on Word Press. With website in place following having your book printing completed, and a blog set up as well, the next thing is to expand with the social networking sites, such as LinkedIn, Twitter and FaceBook, among others. I am sure that you are already there, so all you need do is expand your posts to include your new book and with link backs to your blog and website. Don’t forget to add that “call to action” asking people to jump over to the blog or website where after you entice them with information about your book they may even be able to read several pages there as well.


If you are as well spoken with words as you are with the written word, then there is lots of free advertising out there for you which will allow you to sell your book many times in person at “the back of the room” at an event. Chambers of commerce, Churches, Synagogues and many organizations are always looking for non paid speakers for their events. You can call on them as yourself, or have a friend call as “your agent” and offer your services to speak on a topic that would interest them, and hopefully it is also what you have written about in the book just printed. If fiction, cull something from the plot or the characters that would have universal appeal. You could also speak about the writing of the book as well as the book itself.

Believe it or not, it is relatively easy to get onto radio and TV, providing you do not mind the early morning time slots. Stations must offer public service time as part of their license to broadcast. You will find many insomniacs or early risers that are up at that time, so it is worthwhile spending time doing this. You can invite the listeners to visit your website to buy the book or come and hear you speak at an upcoming event, providing it is open to the public and not just for the organization that you would be speaking to.


The term Guerrilla Marketing is now often used more loosely as a descriptor for non-traditional media, such as:

    Reverse Graffiti — clean pavement adverts

    Viral marketing — through social networks

    Presence marketing — marketing for being there

    Grassroots marketing — tapping into the collective efforts of brand enthusiasts

    Wild Posting Campaigns

    Alternative marketing

    Buzz marketing — word of mouth marketing

    Undercover marketing — subtle product placement

    Astroturfing — disguising company messaging as an authentic grassroots movement

    Experiential marketing — interaction with product

    Tissue-pack marketing — hand-to-hand marketing

    Live-in marketing — real life product placement – see related article or Hostival Connect

    Wait marketing — when and where consumers are waiting (such as medical offices and gas pumps)   and receptive to communications                                                                                                                                              —-Wikipedia


Once you print a book, you will not find reviews easy if at all, so you will need to become your own press person. Don’t be afraid to ask organizations or buyers to give you reviews and testimonials and you will soon have a bunch of reviews you can reprint (don’t forget also to get their written approval). You can also do your own press release, about the book and as time goes on about your appearances, shows, sales etc. There are many eZine sites where you can submit articles about your book ( as well as sites where you can publish press releases ( about your printed book and your marketing efforts.


These are some of the larger ones, but you can also Google city by city to locate book stores, where after you print a book, you can contact the staff regarding stocking it, as well as any appearances for signings you may be able to set up.

    Barnes & Noble

    Book Off USA


    Books Inc.

    Deseret Book, also operates Seagull Book


    Half Price Books

    Hastings Entertainment

    Hudson Booksellers, chiefly located at airports and train stations

    Joseph-Beth Booksellers, also operates Davis-Kidd Booksellers in Nashville and Memphis

    Powell’s Books, which includes the world’s largest independent new and used bookstore

    Schuler Books & Music

    Shakespeare and Company