I am sure your company is blogging today as a method of getting your message out about your product or services. Have you considered the benefits of publishing your blogs as a basis for a company magazine?magazine printing for a company magazine

There are many benefits to publishing your own company magazine, whether as an in house periodical or to also send to your client base. An in house magazine builds camaraderie and loyalty among the employees as well as an excellent place to exchange ideas within the company. It is also a convenient and attractive place to disseminate your documents and information.


It can also serve as a unique and attractive catalog for your products and services, but at the same time comes across as a more user friendly and soft sell source for that product information. It not only allows you to show off your products and services, but your employees as well. It puts a “face” on your staff and invites the reader into your company’s home.

Having a company magazine also sets you up as an expert in your field. Authoring the details and benefits of your product or services, allows you to stand out as an “authority” on the subject on those  products or services and people like to deal with “authorities” and “experts” in a given field. Here is a chance to shine, writing about what you know best and offering others insight into your business while espousing the benefits of dealing with you. What better and more unique idea, than printing your own company magazine. Just think of a world where you can exchange ideas with employees, peers and clients without ever speaking.

An In-house magazine can brighten and better the work place environment in a very short space of time. A happy workplace has been found to reduce the number of sick days by employees.  At the same time as you keep your employees in a happy state, you also gain a fabulous marketing tool for your product or service when you print a magazine. It helps build your brand and allows you a medium to thank clients with posts about how they utilize your product or services as well as a place to reward employees for their contribution, by posting articles and pictures of them and their accomplishments within the firm.

By having a company magazine you enter an exciting new realm of presenting your information in an interesting manor. You can have a professionally created magazine that can communicate your company’s ideas and goals in the friendliest of fashions. At the same time as highlighting your product or service, and further branding your company’s image, you additionally gain in employee loyalty as you have increased their desire to be part of your team and you benefit by their increased output due to their increased level of enjoyment for coming to work each day. You can “connect the dots” with your company magazine by tying all of these things together in one attractive and professional looking magazine.

It can develop into a stand alone business or as an additional profit center should you start accepting non competing advertising from businesses anxious to reach out to potentially related customer needs.

 To encapsulate: With a company magazine, you get the benefit of creating a happier work force, extolling the virtues of your clients, getting out the heretofore drone messages, usually done on simple company bond or note paper, helping your branding  and getting out your message describing the benefits of your product or service.

Don’t wait any longer. Take the plunge into a creative approach to growing your business. Printing By Design can help you to print a magazine every step of the way. As a professional magazine printer, we can even help you with the design and layout in addition to the magazine printing itself. In addition to printing magazines, we are also able to create for you an online version of the very same issue.

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