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Real Estate marketing is on top of the list in the business of selling property. Many agents tend to not pay enough attention to the materials they are creating and printing to market their homes and buildings.

What is your marketing plan?  How often are you getting your brand out there? How often should you be sending your message, either by brochure printing, postcard or magazine printing to potential buyers?

Real estate printing can many times be costly, but there are ways to keep those costs low. You can successfully print brochures, postcards and more by doing so smartly and save lots of money.

 First let me enumerate the types of printed materials available to you: The tri-fold brochure, which is a single sheet flyer, printed on both sides and folded in a third, another is the real estate magazine. There is the multi-page brochure and of course the old stand by the postcard. The direct mail postcard is a great promotional tool and an inexpensive one. You can even mail at discounted first class pre sort rates for less money than larger ones mailed at bulk rates. When done correctly, they can succinctly deliver your message and garner a great response.

Some tips on keeping your costs down:

1-      Try and buy all of your printing needs at one time for greater discounts

2-      Whenever you can other than trying to market for quick sales, print for the long haul. It is pennies to print more.

3-      Most real estate agents work in an office with others. Ask your peers what their printing needs are and put them all together as one purchase.

Tips on creating your marketing piece:

1-      Portray your success story.

2-      Get testimonials.

3-      Tell a story about a particular listing, especially if you can highlight a tough property you sold.

4-      Make your Information news worthy; add success tales, tips, industry news.

5-      Drive customers to your web site where they can see expanded information about you and your successes and all of your listings.

6-      Use quality photos.

7-      If you are not adept at writing with the Unique Selling Proposition, which speaks to the benefits one receives of dealing with you rather than “your offers”; it may be time to consider a copywriter for your brochure, postcard or magazine.

8-      Target your audience well, depicting reasons to contact you and the benefits of doing so that are aimed at those your direct mail piece is addressing.

9-      Stand out by using a thicker postcard, with rounded corners, an unusual size and UV coating which create a rich and less than usual look.

We have had great success with some of our clients doing real estate brochures. was able to get exactly what they needed and get their message out to the potential customers in their area.

These are just some of the things for you to consider and I would be happy to hear from you regarding any of your questions.

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