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There is something about a bound manual in your hand that reeks of the word “official” to your employees or trainees. Since you must hold it in your hand, and it may or may not require two hands, it becomes a stark place holder for one’s attention, not like online versions where the hopeful reader, can skip from the manual to Twitter, favorite game or other distractions from the work load. There are many times when a computer is not even available, such as a seminar or class and then the printed manual becomes all important. The key here is that it is easier to grab one’s attention with manual printing than with other means.

Printing manuals for the executive is a wonderful way to have a “bible of info” readily at hand without having to boot up the computer, or take along a lap top in order to reference important bits of information to close a sale, or answer a client’s questions. Should you need to share your information in the manual with your customers, you can readily leave a copy with them. A bonus of printing manuals is that you in essence, are an author and thus an authority. People like to deal with “the authority” of the product or service. What better way than to appear as the authority you are, than to be printing manuals that you have written.

 Your manual can not only include relevant information about your products or services, but also easily house charts, images and relevant company contact information, articles, sales numbers, bios of the staff and more. Printing manuals can be accomplished in a wide variety of choices, including size, paper and color. The most cost effective form of manual printing for short runs is the digital Docutech, of which a custom full color cover can be added from the color equivalent. The Docutech offers direct print to paper from your disk and collates automatically for quick and inexpensive bindery options. Should you desire longer runs, then you can benefit from our high speed web printing for manuals as well. A professional bound and printed manual offers you a wonderful opportunity to show your business at its best.

 If your manual is meant to be for your employees, you can include your company policies and procedures along with a stipulation that it is a requirement of employment that all be familiar with its content. By doing so you lessen the risk of potential litigation due to an employee or member of management acting in any fashion that is less than what you deem appropriate for your company policy.  For this reason alone, manual printing can be your lifeline to less business stress. Manual printing allows you to also deal with your employees in a more “arms length” as well as impartial basis. You can comfortably retort in any sticky issue to “refer to the manual”.

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