In the course of our day we supply many magazine printing quotes to potential publishers who feel they have a basis for success. Many never can get it off the ground, as they hit the business obstacles as they try. magazine printing from a magazine printer to print a magazineSo I thought I would consider what the steps are which hopefully may add to the success of a potential magazine for a new publisher and these are some ideas for your consideration. Here are 8 great tips to start you off with.

1-Define Your Niche Market: You will not be able to appeal to everyone with your magazine anymore than one can appeal to everyone they meet in life. Therefore choose an audience that you are both expert in and that could benefit from reading what you have to offer. Example: If you are in Colorado, and you are an expert in Heavy Metal Rock, your magazine could be entitled “Colorado’s Metal Rock Scene”.  Create content specific to that niche market. Understand who your readers are and cater to them.

2-Create Compelling Content: Supply your readers with compelling content that hopefully they cannot find elsewhere. Hire the best writers you can afford to and leave them to their own creativity. Always remember the old adage: “Content Is King”.

3-Utilize Great Photos: To quote Rod Stewart, “Every picture tells a story, Don’t It?” The photographs you chose for your magazine printing and publishing venture should tell a story in the best sense of photojournalism. They should capture a moment and that moment should be able to summarize the event or story itself. A classic example is the Marine’s raising the American flag atop Iwo Jima.

4-Create a Stunning Cover: Utilize your best photos along with some creative headlines that compel the reader to go inside your magazine in order to find out more about your cover story.

5-Ad A Quality Sales Force: Do you have capable persons who can sell utilizing the “Unique Selling Proposition”, who can clearly make the case for your magazine about the “benefits of advertising” in it?  Aim them at the biggest advertisers possible, as it takes as much effort to land the big guys as the local dry cleaner. At the same time, go after the ones that want to bring their product or services to the attention of your readership niche. This is another reason to define your exact niche.

6-Understand Your Costs: It is important for you to understand what a page dedicated to advertising will cost you. This must include those pages of pure content amortized over the advertising pages. It will include your cost to create the adverts, which you can either pass on to the customer as a design fee or have the advertiser supply you with an add to size and spec for your magazine printing requirements. Some knowledge of how to print a magazine will help here. Ask your magazine printer about economic paper stocks and press signatures so that you have your magazine printing costs under tight control. Example: For every 16 pages you have a press “signature”, so you do not, if you can help it want to break them up into 4, 8 or 12 pages beyond the initial signatures as they will cost you more money per page than any other signature when you print a magazine.

7-Be Interactive with Readers: Utilize polls, forums, request feedback, and even ask about what the reader would like to be reading about next. Better you should serve steak to a steak eater, than fish!

8-Develop An Online Presence: Having a well organized web presence can double as a place for more content, interactivity with your readers and you as well as an additional tool for your sales force to sell ads with by telling the advertiser that they will be present in not just the magazine printing but online as well. You can even benefit from an “ePublication” version of your magazine which you can post on your site. PBD offers one and it can be seen on our link to ePublications. You can also update your content with your live web presence, thus offering your readers more content and keeping their “eyeballs” in your direction.

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