You can benefit by printing calendars as a promotional tool for your business. By doing so you not only can get your message out about your products and services but do so in a way that lasts all year,  calendar printing company serviceswhile only investing in the production of the calendar once.  If you want to promote your business and aim it on an upward growth pattern, then as all business must, promotion and advertising is a business necessity.  What can separate your message from your competitors is if you do it in style and with a twist, your business message cuts through the crowd. In addition, it is a nice way of staying in touch with your customer base as well as using calendar printing as a tool to attract new customers with.

Promotional calendars are a proven and cost effective way to market your business throughout the year.  It is a fabulous image booster and most people look at it as if it were a gift rather than a promotion thus differentiating it from a brochure or other standard printed piece. Calendar printing is a classy way to present your message and your brand.  One recent independent survey portrayed the usefulness of a business gift and an important to your business as it is a functional printed message.

It is a good idea to choose great photos for any calendar printing venture as it becomes a reason beyond the functional one of seeing the date for the viewer to appreciate it. The better the images, the longer the eyeballs of those you want glued to it will be there. Make sure to target your exact demographics with the photos you choose.

With calendar printing there is limited room for your message, think clearly how you can keep your message concise and on point. Don’t forget to include a “call to action”, such as “contact us now” within your copy.  You can even have little promotional messages on many if not all of the dates.

When calendar printing , stay conventional on the specifications in order to maximize your investment and keep your costs down. A standard and cost efficient calendar size is 8.5 x 11” opening to 17 x 11” and easily fits into a standard booklet envelope for mailing. The standard page count is 28, which allows for 12 monthly grids, 12 images and a four page cover. A “self cover”, where all the paper is on the same stock is the most cost effective way to print calendars and is less money than if a heavier stock for a cover is used. 100# gloss book is the standard paper stock used and anything thinner will rip through when hung on a nail or hook.

Some quick points on the benefits from calendar printing:

1-      A great promotional tool for your products or services.

2-      Your products or services are in front of your prospects all year long.

3-      Impress your customers with a “virtual business brochure” with a new twist.

4-      Increase your brand visibility.

5-      Your brand is promoted not just monthly but daily.

6-      If you are an organization, calendar printing is a great fund raising idea.

7-      Calendar printing is cost effective, with only a once annual investment.

8-      People like the idea of receiving a gift and calendars are welcomed and can be presented as such.

9-      Use great photos that target the demographics of your customer.

10-   Use concise and to the point copy.


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