Nothing is better to get your brand or message out in front of passing poster printing and services by poster printing companyeyeballs then the time honored tradition of poster printing.  Posters were first created by the French, in the middle of the 1800s, as a method of product advertisement and quickly spread to the rest of Europe.  While quickly being utilized as a promotional tool for the theater, it took Jules Cheret, credited as the “father of the poster”, to first use it for artistic purposes via lithography. Posters have been used ever since as a fabulous form of advertising and promotion, with many of the earlier ones becoming quite collectible.


Let me offer you some ideas about poster printing and how it can benefit you.  If you are advertising a product, service or event, nothing beats the immediacy and visual impact of printing posters to serve your brand. It is even a great way to keep your name and brand in front of the public as a collateral means of advertising. Here are some keys to remember when printing posters:

1-Size does make a difference. Bigger posters are easier to notice in a society that moves quickly by things and you want your message to be noticed. However, for the best cost, keep the size so it fits on a 40” press, as if you need bigger, the price will roughly triple. 24 x 36” is a very standard large size poster. For economy, you will best be served with an 18 x 24” size as they can print two up and thus half the cost.

2-Frequent changes of new posters help keep interest high. Change them out as frequently as possible as folks will look forward to seeing your new ones, if they are well done and interesting.

3-K.I.S.S.  If you are not a computer geek, this stands for “keep it simple stupid”. Posters are meant to attract people on the move. It is not like they are hanging in a museum for public viewing. Therefore you need impact and a message that is concise and to the point for your poster.

4-Create background art that while being simple is also interesting.  Invest in some design that takes you away from looking like a store bought sign.

5-Location, Location, Location. Look for high traffic sites for your posters.  By hanging your poster in a high traffic location, the more eyeballs and the more people who can become your customer and identify with your brand. Repetitiveness works in your brands favor as people regularly pass by your poster.

6-You can have different sizes of the same poster. If you meet with situations where there is limited room for display of your poster, print them in multiple sizes, such as 11 x 17” or even 8.5 x 11”.

7-Create your poster for your own niche. Like all marketing materials, understand your niche audience and create for them. A kid’s product will require a very different type of poster printing look, than a travel poster.

8-Always print extra posters. You will need to check your high traffic locations most of all and if any were removed or show signs of bad wear, replace them. It is cheap to print more posters when on press. It is not so, when you start from scratch again.

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