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Presentation is crucial. Book covers either attract a sale in ten seconds or there is no sale. What you present is a statement about who you are and what you have to offer. The presentation folder makes a bolder statement about your materials when presented inside of one. It not only shows quality, but that you deeply care about your message and the products or services that you have to offer.

Let’s look at some of the uses, styles and benefits of presentation folders:

1-      They do not age: if you leave your contact information off of the pocket folder itself and in its place have your business card inserted to the die cut slits on the folder pocket, your folder supply can last a very long time, allowing you to print them in higher volume, so as to benefit by far better unit cost per folder.

2-      Creates a great display: Your company flyers, brochures, catalogs can all fit in the pockets and can be organized for ease of use.

3-      Folders come in many sizes and styles: The standard presentation folder is 9 x 12” with two 4” pockets, with usually the one on the right having the business card slits. The other pocket can also have a single slit about two thirds down, to accommodate a CD or DVD, without the added expense of a case or insert art for them. For “wider loads”, and those who “truck” more materials, folders can easily be constructed with three or even four panels, for that extra storage you may need. Additionally, if push comes to folder, there is also the “capacity” folder, where the pockets and spine are built extra deep, so more items can be inserted.  Other standard sizes are 6 x 9” or 4 x 9”, or anything you can imagine.

4-       Printing styles for folders: Ink on paper is standard, but you can also use foil, embossing or die cut designs to embellish your pocket folder. Embossing or de-bossing is the raising or lowering, by use of a die, the paper and may be “blind” or “registered” to the ink image.

5-      The question arises: Do you print on one side or two? Many people do not realize that the presentation folder is constructed after the press sheet prints flat and that the pockets are part of the outside artwork (and printed upside down, so when they roll up, they are correct) and that just because the pockets print, that still does not mean that it is printing on the inside. However, one can, as a real nice look is a flood coat of ink on the inside for a nice rich contrast.

6-      Interesting display of collateral materials: It is easy to re invent the wheel with pocket folders, as so long as the folder fits on the press sheet, you can adjust the layout. There is the side pocket rather than the one at bottom, and it can be 5” or 8” deep. It can die cut on a slant for a very interesting look. However you can create a great look very inexpensively simply by how you trim your inserts. By staggering the height of several inserts, with one being an inch or so lower than the one behind it, you can create inserts with different color banners, each standing up as if they were tabs in a book.

7-      If your products or pricing changes frequently: Then presentation folder printing is perfect for you, as it not only serves as the perfect display for your printed materials, in a nice neat package to hand off to a customer, but it allows you to promote your brand and make the necessary changes to your product line by changing the inserts or flyers on a regular basis without changing the look or feel of your company presentation.

I hope I have given you some ideas on how to best present your companies brand and materials and using a presentation folder to do so is a time honored and classy way.

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