Most businesses will and should promote their products or services with a catalog, magazine or brochure. Some even become expert authors and write a book about their expertise in their niche, as people like doing magazine, catalog, brochure and book printingbusiness with experts. Now, you can have twice the impact when you print with Printing by Design, as with any catalog, magazine, brochure or book printed with us, you will receive an online version of the same item at no additional cost to yourself.

Here is what the online version looks like: CLICK HERE!

What can the online catalog or magazine do for me? It affords your readership an additional way to view your product or services and if you have advertising in your magazine, your sales force has an additional incentive in order to sell ads.

What else does the online version do? It can have hyperlinks, unlike the printed version, to your website, email or anywhere else, provided you have added them in your print file. It can be downloaded to a CD for distribution and can be viewed on many hand held devices.

Is it convenient to view and use? It is available anywhere at any time where someone has the ability to go online. It can be downloaded to your desktop or handheld device and is as appealing as the printed version of your catalog, magazine or book, with turning pages as if it were real paper.  You can create an index for viewers to hyperlink to sections and it even allows each reader to create their own bookmarks.

It allows you to increase your subscriber and or readership base to even larger and wider areas that may have been heretofore available to you. It additionally can increase your brand awareness by adding one more venue in front of your reader’s eyes. It also meets the ever growing demand for web based content.

We look forward to the printing of your catalogs, brochures, books or magazines and increasing your reach with our digital online version of same, and at no additional cost to you. This offer is subject to a minimum print purchase of which can be viewed on our home page.


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