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Nothing beats the (well) written word or some great pictures (“…a thousand words”) in order to tell your story! Beyond that absolute, the only remaining question is what commercial printing vehicle suits your business best as well as which company to choose from the many printing companies out there. Let’s explore both issues in some detail.

I use the term commercial printing as opposed to that of its younger sibling, “quick” printing, as the latter offers inexpensive yet simplistic approaches and in small quantities to your business printing requirements. My intention is to focus exclusively on the commercial printing aspects as not only does it afford the print buyer with a more sophisticated choice of approaches but does not make your “brand” look as if you could only afford the work of a copy shop and not the professional quality printing of a color offset commercial printing company. So, with that said, let’s look at some of your options:


  • Catalog Printing: If you have many products that you offer in your company, then catalog printing is ideally for you. It offers much more space, due to the usual larger page counts of a catalog, in order to present your products in. The key is to organize it in a way that is user friendly to your customers and not spending more money than your particular widget demands. If selling diamonds, than you will want a thicker paper, perfect binding and maybe some unique look either created by spot coatings, unique paper stock, etc. If you are selling three dollar widgets, than go with saddle stitching and the thinnest paper the printing press can run. Web printing presses can run easily acquire 40# coated text while sheet fed printing companies can only run 60# coated text at a minimum.
  • Brochure Printing: Should your message or product line not be as numerically enlarged as to cause the need for catalog printing, than brochure printing is just the ticket for you. The essential differences between catalogs and brochures are page count, with brochures usually having well less and the single page folded types: Six page tri fold brochure, single page letter size folded brochure, 4, 8 or 16 pages as the usual brochure printing run.
  • Flyer or Postcard Printing: Always great to use a flyer or postcard as a quick inexpensive message, especially if you are utilizing direct mail marketing, as it keeps the postage rates down. It is also a great tool to use as a reminder or follow up on your catalog printing, with respect to a sale or new product information or pricing.
  • Magazine Printing: Magazine printing is a unique and classy way to promote your product or services, as it has a friendlier face than just another printed piece of matter in the mail. Magazine printing allows you to tell a story about your products or services as well as keeping your customer base informed with your magazine on a regular basis, inclusive of all product and service updates.
  • Poster Printing: Like “thinking big”, if so, now is your chance to promote your product, service or event with poster printing as a means of doing so? The nice thing about a well done poster, with effective and unique graphic design and quality poster printing, is that it gets your message out, regarding your new book, your widget, or service and may hang on a customer’s wall for a very long time, with your message as a continual reminder to them.
  • Presentation Folder Printing: Always a great way to present your printed materials, as it is classy, timeless, in that should you keep your contact information on the business card you insert to it, never goes out of date. It makes a great statement about your brand that you care enough to use presentation folder printing in order to present and protect those items that you have printed.
  • Book Printing: Yes, book printing as a means of getting your message out. The hard fact is that people would always rather deal with an expert than just the guy down the street. What book printing and authoring about your product or service does for you or your company is to establish via printing of your book, yourself or company as experts or “author-ity” on your subject niche.
  • Calendar Printing: Nothing is as friendly in order to establish your brand and get your message out as calendar printing. If done well, with attractive graphic design and images, calendar printing will keep your message alive for a whole year.


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