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There are two distinct types of buyers who seek the services of printing companies: The first is basing that choice solely on price and the latter, the traditional print buyer, basis the choice as to which printing company chosen, based on other values. Of course there are some that consider many different values before making a decision as to which printing company to choose. Let’s take a look at what these choices may be and why we feel we are unique.

When I first entered the business printing arena, I worked for a very short time for someone else. I lasted three weeks at that printing company due to the fact that the person I worked with could not think outside of the box. I could and did and she found it infuriating. The standard approach for most printing company sales folks is to take down your specs, not ask too many questions other than making sure the have the specifications correct for your book, catalog, magazine or other printing press item.

My approach has always been to think outside of the standard printing company box, first wanting to know more about the objectives of the person seeking the printing company quote and then using my understanding of marketing and sales as well as potential money saving ideas or a “better mousetrap”
would and do make suggestions along those lines. First and foremost, I believe I should be serving the customers best interests and to not offer these ideas and options would be to provide inferior printing services.

Let’s look at what are the traits that would make our printing company unique among the many printing presses in America, including price and other printing services.

1-      Credibility: Right on our home page we ask and answer what we are all about and the answer there is credibility. What this means to you is that as a printing company, you can always trust what you are told by us and that you never have to look over your shoulder to see if our printing company is acting in what are your best interests.

2-      Value Added Service: This means that if we can do more for the customer, our printing company is more than willing to be as helpful as is reasonably possible with respect to the printing service that we render. If you have questions about your files we will be happy to check free of charge prior to them going to pre press and avoid excessive costs for you or mistakes. If we have additional ideas on the nature of what you are printing and can offer better solutions we do. We are also not shy about offering the occasional marketing advice to those enquiring.

3-      Red Flags, Your Product & Catches:  If we see the red flags in your files, such as lack of bleeds, inferior images, glaringly bad copy on covers, etc. We will take the time and point these things out to our printing company customer.

4-      Widest Range of Capabilities:  In most cases, you will receive the widest range of printing press capabilities. This insures that your product is “on the right press, at the right price and right now”, to borrow a phrase from the company selling gold on TV. With our ability to price and print your magazine, book, catalog, poster, folder or any type of commercial printing job on the best printing press for you, the customer’s needs, we can be there for you. Whether your requirements are price driven, time driven, or quality driven our printing company will be there for you. You can benefit from short and fast runs on our digital printing presses, medium runs on the sheet fed printing press or for longer runs for books, magazines or multi page catalogs on the web printing press.

5-      Free Consultation: If you are not quite sure on how to approach your printing project, we will gladly spend some time with you free of charge and try to suggest some of the many avenues that you can take. Our printing company wants to be your full partner in your printing venture’s success.

6-      Promotion of Your Business: We are always going the extra mile at our printing company for our clients. At the moment we are providing our clients free of charge, on their multi page booklets, manuals, brochures, magazines, books or catalogs, with minimal print version, an online version that reads just like a periodical, with bookmarking abilities, pages that flip like the printed piece, an index and can also have links to your URL or Email address.

The bottom line: Our printing company values your business and if we can step out of the box are we willing to do so? You Betcha! Your success is part of our success. Our printing company wants to see you succeed, as if you do, we are right there with you.

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