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In these tough economic times the clever will survive and others will not. What are you doing about the marketing of your company, product, service, book or magazine? If nothing, you WILL be passed on the road of progress by your competitors and at the end of the day they will dominate and not you.

YOU CAN DOMINATE your niche if you spend the time and effort in order to do so. He who hesitates……what? If you hesitate to insure that you are in the forefront of your market only insures failure. There are no rewards for laggards and late starters and there surely are no rewards for simply participating as your teachers may have suggested. This is real life and real life calls for solid business planning and marketing or progress will befall your competitors and not you.

So, the question begging to be asked is “how can I promote my company or product?” The answer is a well rounded package utilizing all of the tools available to you and that reach the intended customer in your niche market. To start, here are some key points:

1-     Define your niche market: Who is your client base, what are their habits, what appeals to them? Where do they get their information?

2-     Define the benefits and guarantees: Do this with clear language, utilizing both K.I.S.S. (keep it simple stupid) and the U.S.P. (universal language of sales). Offer a guarantee, which you probably already do, but make it a part of your “offer”. Describe its benefits and why it will work for the customer. Make your selling points concise and well ordered:Clearly define your product or service as to the benefits folks will have using or receiving it. The U.S.P. requires that you never offer, but suggest the benefits of your product or service. People want to know what is in it for them. They could care less about what you “offer” and for G’s sake forget that old “mission statement” nonsense.

3-     Research which types of marketing can potentially benefit you: Can you get out your message with commercial printing and direct mail? Is a postcard enough for your message or do you need a brochure or even a catalog? Should you include social networking and utilize Face Book, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Squidoo, Plus 1 or a myriad of others? Would you expect blogging to appeal to your customers or just a great poster printing to hang in the window of your business?

4-     Experiment first in smaller areas: Testing allows refining: Try a small direct mail marketing approach using a small postcard. The 4 x 6” size, while small is the least costly postage. It takes only 200 cards to qualify for direct mail pre sort rates. It is not expensive to send out 5,000 or so cards and you can even have five or so different versions with different messages on the back in order to test each one on a limited post card printing and mail marketing trial. If you get a 2% return or better, you have hit on a workable postcard printing solution for your business.

5-     Define the habits of your customer base (market research): What is it that they purchase and how do they use it. Ask for testimonials to use in your campaign. Nothing beats a testimonial to include in your layout when brochure printing or any other form of printing and mailing.

6-     Research where your typical customer finds their information: What do they read and do they participate in any of the social networking venues or how do they find what they purchase? Ask questions and then go there with your marketing.

7-     Plan your marketing campaign: After thorough testing of several of your marketing avenues, plan your campaign.  If you are able to cross market using several you will create a larger impact on your brand and your message. If your market responds to commercial color printing formats, as posters, brochures, flyers, postcards, etc. make use of them, as they are very cost effective. Be sure that your images and copy are of equal quality. If you are using the social networks and or a web property, make sure those things are prominent on your color printing materials. Have a “call to action” and ask people to “call now”, “act now” and make sure they clearly understand how it benefits them when they deal with you. Keep in touch with your customer base with a regular newsletter printing about current doings in your company and any new products.

8-     Submit your information: Submit articles and press releases to ezines, magazines and newspapers talking about not just your product but about your current promotion and marketing it. If you are doing a direct mail marketing campaign with a flyer, postcard or catalog, talk about that as well and do this at regular intervals.

9-     Act: The main thing to understand is that nothing comes to he/she who waits. Get out there and go get it. Market your product and services and make your customers and potential customers aware of your product or services and how it benefits them.  This economy too shall pass but the question is who will be left standing strong when it does?

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