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There are a variety of reasons people want to start magazines. Some in order to capitalize on the coupon magazine advertising business, others to pursue a particular cause, some to inform with local, regional, national or international coverage and many just to provide good entertainment.  There are many types of magazine business models: Free give away with income derived from advertising, magazines for sale  that may or may not derive additional income from advertising, or online ones.


Some of the things you will need to add to a to-do list are as follows if you desire launching your own magazine:


  • Decide what your magazine will be about – You may already have that in hand, but if not consider who you want to appeal to as the “readership” of your magazine and who you want to reach with your message or information. Define your niche and how large or small it is as that will decide how you approach the magazine printing with both page count and quantity.


  • Consider the design elements that are important to you – Is your cover impactful and “eye candy”? Does the design style you choose fit with what your niche audience would consider hip or in good taste? What are appropriate printing specs that are sufficient for your niche? Here is where your magazine printing company can be of great help as you can review paper stocks, inks, sizes, page counts and more prior to getting your printing quote.


  • How do you envision garnering advertisements? – Do you have a competent sales person(s) to solicit for you and are you prepared to print collateral materials so that they are armed with samples of what you propose to publish with your magazine?


  • Decide on how you will handle advertising – Will you be relying on your advertisers to provide you with “print ready layouts” that should be based on your sizing and other magazine printing requisites or will you be offering graphic design services and do this for them.


  • Have you planned how and who will be writing your articles? – Are they or you expert in the niche you are creating for your magazine? You cannot be all things to all people so focus on your niche. Write for the reader and not yourself.


  • Do you have a website where you can promote your magazine? – Having one not only helps to promote your magazine  but it also serves your sales team when they offer the issue online as well,  thus giving not only your readership extra benefits but your advertisers as well as they see their same ad as in print also online.


  • Are your articles in sync with the available businesses who can advertise?  Will your content appeal to their clientele and thereby give them a reason to read your magazine as well as reinforce the rational to visit your advertisers’ store?


  • Have you considered how to price your advertisements? –  This is important to clearly understand before you start your magazine printing run, you have an exact idea of your costs right down to how many pages you will need to fill with advertising in order to break even and then a profit? Have you considered how much a single page of advertising should sell for?  Before you can do this you will need to understand your cost per page based on your magazine printing signatures as well as run quantity? As this is something I have covered in prior blogs I will not address it hear, other than you should be filling a complete signature when you print as if not, those additional pages will cost you more than the others when you are printing magazines. Go over this with your magazine printing company and remember there is nothing wrong with having less pages and claiming a sold out issue of advertising space.


I hope this information has given you food for thought about magazine printing and starting your own periodical and that it was useful and of interest.

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