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So you want to start a coupon magazine but are not sure of the best way to go about it? Like any other business you would first draft a business plan for what you intend your business model to be and any niche for you seek to fill your magazine. Like any other form of magazine printing there are basic and acceptable business practices that you will want to be aware of, understand and try and adhere to.  The bottom line is that before you venture into coupon magazine printing, you must first have a solid plan of attack or you may be its only reader.

I have broken your potential magazine printing venture into several categories, each being important and all of which you will want to understand and master. So, let’s take a look at what some of them are:



The question that you first need to pose to yourself is “what niche will I be filling”? If you are competing with six other coupon magazines in a small town, why should yours prevail over the others? What makes your coupon magazine special? What are you offering that the others do not nor are you simply going into a locality where you currently do not have any competition for your magazine?


Establish your brand by having a creative and eye catching look to your cover and layout style. Set yourself apart from the pack. You do not need to use more expensive paper or anything else that would be deemed as high end by a printing company, but simply create a “look” for your magazine that is both original and that you will keep constant within certain parameters for each and every issue. The point here is that you want people to recognize your coupon magazine as both interesting, along with a few quality and useful articles or information bits, as well as quickly identifying your “brand” when it hits the magazine newsstands or arrives in their mailbox.


You will want to promote your magazine so that people become aware of it. A website is a great help in this end as well as becoming a tool for your sales staff, as the same coupon advert that is in your magazine can also be placed online. It is not that difficult to build a website nor that costly if you start with the intention of only attempting to realize local results. Other ways would be advertising in the local newspaper with press releases about your launch as well as on local radio. Radio, other than cable or satellite radio is required by law to allow citizens “public access”. Fine, it maybe 5 in the morning, but there are plenty of folks up at that time and tuned in. You dan also drop into chambers of commerce (even cut a deal on advertising fees going back to them for any sales they can help you with) as they are chock full of your advertising audience. Organizations, churches and similar are also great places to hit as they and the chambers many times are looking for free public speakers where you can tout your new magazine.


Whether it is yourself or people you hire, locate sales folks who are presentable, well spoken and credible. Try if possible to stay away from sales types who are overly slick in their approach and seek ones who are capable of having a casual conversation, humble in their approach who can ask a business person if it is OK to let him/her know about a new publication and then be able to sell benefits of advertising with you.  Don’t be afraid to offer deals to local advertisers for multiple issues, so long as you cover your production costs and let them know it is a one-time promotional package. If you cannot get the biggest business in town to advertise, offer them a free add for the first issue. With the big guy on board, you may have a much easier time getting the rest to follow. However, make sure the big guy understands you are cutting a special deal and it is not to be advertised.


Size is a consideration, in that you need to randomly ask shoppers and business owners relevant to display and usage, how they feel about a digest size of 5.5 x 8.5, quarter page size of 4.25 x 5.5 or full size 8.5 x 11” (these sizes are for sheet fed printing, while web printing of magazines would be slightly smaller).  Each size has a benefit with the smallest fitting into a pocket.

Page Count:

The page count is important for any type of printed material but especially so in coupon magazine printing. A signature for a full page size is 16 pages, digest 32 and quarter page 64. If you have less, you will not save, but only increase the cost of your page. Should you have more pages, thus not using a new and full signature, as 68 or 72 pages, the per page cost zooms for those last few pages due to using only a portion of the paper going through the press. You are far better off keeping your page count constant until you have enough ads for another signature. You are also very well served when you turn away ads as the marketing value is immense.


The quantity you print will depend on how many people reside in your niche area or local where you intend to distribute. It will further depend on your cash flow and ability to print more than less. Remember, that once the magazine printing press is running, the “impressions” become much more affordable. You also want a press run that you can legally document and certify that then becomes a selling tool for your sales staff so that the advertiser can feel that he is getting his monies worth.


Don’t forget to apply for and obtain any necessary business licenses for selling advertising, distributing your magazine and for any applicable sales tax you or your advertisers may be liable for.  Additionally as this is a business, be sure to purchase any relevant insurance for the running of it or any liabilities you may face down the road. There are a number of ways you can distribute your magazine: It is relatively inexpensive to purchase a “carrier route” mailing list for a local town, thus affording you very inexpensive postage costs so that you can mail a magazine to each resident. You can also utilize a distribution company to distribute them door to door, or simply drop ship an amount to each business in town. Even if what you drop off is to a business that did not advertise, it will only make it easier for your salesperson to close the deal for the next issue.

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