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OK, you just came back from the book printing company with a carload of books following the completion of  printing Them. Other than finding a safe and easy place to store them, such as the garage or your kid’s bedroom at the expense of him or her going ballistic, what next? You have this big pile in the corner of your house somewhere from your book printer, but now you must face the prospect of promoting them and selling them. Let’s assume your book is wonderful and that if anyone read it they too would agree. So the question is, how to best market your books all by yourself.

There are several ways the self publisher can market and sell your work after you print a book. Let’s take a look at some of the ways that are potentially possible for you and hopefully some or all will meet your criteria of “yeah, I can do that”.  Frankly the task ahead of you once you leave the book printer is immense so it is my judgment that you should be looking at doing each and every thing in order to succeed at selling your book once the printing is completed.


Your Own Web Site/Blog:

Having your own web site or blog is a great way to not only have a “base of operations” for all of your promotion but where you can post daily items such as comments, reviews, appearances and anything else relevant to the promotion and sale of your book.

Social Networking:

Need I say more, as you are more than likely reading this as a post on one of the many social networking sites? It is a tedious job, but it gets results when you post daily bits about your book on such sites as LinkedIn, FaceBook, Twitter, My Space, Pinterest, Squidoo, Digg, Tumbler, Google Plus 1 and more. The additional advantage of a social networking is that Google likes it and if you have a web site it will also circuitously promote the site as well. The minute you get your book back from the book printer start “tweeting”.

Email Marketing:

Email marketing is a direct way to make contact about your book with virtually everybody, from distributors, retailers, book clubs, reviewers and more. Specialized lists are available for any niche and media mail makes it reasonably affordable to send out copies should you choose or you can also have a sample set of pages or even the whole book if you like appended to the email or with a link to a private page on your website.

Direct Mail Marketing:

Direct mail is similar to email marketing as you can also purchase niche lists for any constituency of your choice. You can choose a simple post card, letter, or a brochure about yourself published book.

Live Appearances:

This is an oft overlooked avenue for self promotion and to promote your book following its printing. There are myriads of organizations from chambers of commerce, churches, various organizations, clubs etc. and those who are in a niche similar to the topic of your book, all who have functions and who look for interesting and FREE speakers to attend and speak at their functions or lunches. After your presentation about your book, what it is about, the adventure of writing it, why you became a writer or whatever else may be of interest you will be allowed to sell books at the back of the room and announce the sale at the end of your presentation. You can even ask each organization for a testimonial or endorsement about the book and the event.  Book clubs are another avenue you could make direct contact with.

Broadcast Media:

Here is another oft overlooked avenue by self publishers. The FCC requires that all stations dedicate a certain amount of airtime, by law, to “public access”. Albeit at early morning hours, but it pays as there are enough folks getting up for work, driving to work or just suffering from insomnia that you can appeal to. You can discuss your book and invite all to attend any open events you are presenting at. Cable media also has many public access channels where you could request to be on someone else’s show or even host your own.

Public Relations:

There are many examples online, such as that will review your books. A great way is to write a concise and favorable press release and post it to the many web sites that will accept such releases. An excellent way is to hire one of the many companies in India who specialize in Search Engine Optimization and you can hire them cheaply to send out press releases as well as for the marketing of your web site if needed. Prweb in the U.S. is a free service that will disseminate your press releases.

Book Reviews:

While hard to get a self published book reviewed there are important book reviewers such as Kirkus, BlueInk Review and Publishers Weekly that will review self published titles for a fee. However in today’s blog-a-sphere there are many blogs that will review books and 28,000 searches came up looking for them so I will leave you to do your own homework there.

The Ultimate Sale:

Somewhere along the line if you are successful and I hope you become so, you will have sold enough books and garnered enough attention for doing so that the option of selling your publishing rights under favorable terms may become a reality for you. Unless you are prepared to hire staff, open a warehouse and start to print books at ever larger numbers, which will make your book printer quite happy, you will be faced with a judgment to make: Which business am I in, the business of writing books or the business of printing, marketing and selling books. Quite obviously each of these tasks is a full time proposition.


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