magazine printing for the niche market

Before ever considering printing magazines, you would be well advised to have a business and marketing plan. This of course is obvious to even the most rudimentary beginner in magazine printing and publishing. There is however the further consideration when defining your marketplace potential during the creation of your business plan for printing magazines and publishing one and that is “how wide an audience can your ability cater to? The question then to be answered is “what is my niche” and will it afford me more potential than just trying to appeal to everyone. Niche marketing is a smaller, focused slice of the overall market.

Unless you have millions of dollars to start your magazine printing venture, the answer here seems obvious; you will have a greater opportunity for success catering to a smaller and specific niche that also falls into specific areas of your own expertise. This is more important than ever in today’s economy. It can allow you to compete with larger magazines by accurately targeting your audience.

To define your own niche markets prior to considering magazine printing take a look at your competitors. Just don’t try to compete with them but rather review their overall appeal to their magazine’s base and see if you can distinguish one or two where you are an expert at and can better offer your magazine readership the knowledge you possess as an authority in that niche. Next, research your market and try and see who is using the products or services you want to print a magazine about. Find out their demographics, including age, gender, occupation, attitudes, politics, interests, etc. You can use simple things for this research such as Google Ad Words. Choose a few keywords and input them into their keyword tool and it will not only reply with more and similar keywords but let you know how many searches per month there are. This will give you an idea of how much interest there is for your potential niche magazine. It can let you know how many people may become potential subscribers to your magazine. Another great tool is EBay, as they list items for sale by category and sub categories ad infinitum. You can research categories and drill down in order to find the smallest niche. You can also check out the bidding action within that category for additional insight.

Search blogs and other research online for your niche magazine target and see what others are writing about and the level of interest there is for your proposed magazine niche. There is also lot’s of published information that you can find online from a variety of sources that publish data regarding internet use, trends, sales and demographics. The internet should be your first stop on the road to niche magazine printing as it is the world’s greatest library and the search feature sure beat’s those old library cards from back in the day.

Another benefit of having a niche magazine and printing one to a smaller section of the overall audience is that you become an expert as an authority on the niche subject. For example, if you focus on magazine bindery types, to site my own industry, printing, rather than just magazine printing, you have narrowed the niche area. A clear focus on that respective niche would allow you to get into specific areas of expertise and knowledge where you may find little competition. This of course is assuming that your research for your niche magazine also shows that there is sufficient interest among potential readership.

Find your niche by identifying what it is that you know best. As an example, I started years ago with a hobby of collecting antique mantle clocks. After a couple of years of collecting and acquiring knowledge both current and from a prior hobby of antique collecting (a wider field than the niche of clock collecting) I decided to use that expertise in an online clock venture. The same can hold true for any area of your expertise. It is always a great starting point if you can start with something you already are expert at, albeit a hobby like painting; stamp collecting, cat fancier or whatever you enjoy as it is always a “better mousetrap” to build a business around something you already love. Thus printing magazines about stamps, painting, or cats, while picking a niche market within those generalities can afford you to be in a business magazine printing and publishing that you already love.

In the final analysis niche marketing offers you the clarity of who your market is and how to sell them rather than just starting a general interest magazine and hoping your readership surfaces like oil on water. Magazine printing and publishing is an expensive proposition and the best starting point for a new one is to produce a magazine about a subject you love, are expert in and that your research has shown that there is a market for.

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