Book printing by expertsLet’s face it, one of the primary reasons people have a website, give speeches, partake on social networking sites, advertise or market their product or service is to promote their product, service or themselves. Now I am not referring to the authoring of “the great American novel”, text books, history books, or your average library edition when I state that authoring and printing books is a great advantage to the author and his or her product or service.

What I am stating emphatically here is that those companies who do have an individual who can author and print a book will most definitely benefit from doing so due to the fact that when people seek the services of a professional, they seek an expert and what better way than to establish your bona fide’s as an expert in your niche or field but to become an author (ity) on your subject through writing, book printing and publishing your work and thoughts on your subject matter. As an example, I have printed for many years for Karrass, whose slogan and book titles refer to “Effective Negotiating”. I am sure you have seen them every time you take a plane ride as they usually have the centerfold within the airline’s magazine advertising their seminars and books.

Let’s take a look at how authoring and the printing of books can help you or your company. As an example, if you are selling widgets, you need to make the case on a daily basis as to why someone should purchase your widget vs. the widget of your competitor. Clearly when you author a book you become an “authority” on the subject as you have a tomb to refer to bearing witness to your authority as well as a readily available “book of knowledge” about your widget. Some of the ways in which authoring and printing a book can be of benefit to the author and “his or her widgets” are as follows:


We all know the value of branding and how it helps your business as people are more likely than not to buy or stick with a brand they know and trust. Writing and printing books is a great way to expand your branding and to expand the horizons of your business. Initially there are many non paid speaking engagements to be had with the likes of chambers of commerce at their luncheons, schools, organizations, churches and more who are happy to have a free speaker at their event. However, with a potential success of your book you may find yourself in such demand that the speaking engagements which start out as a vehicle to sell your book at the end of your talk, may turn out to be paid speaking events in the future.


How wonderful it must be if someone buys your book? You not only get to pay for the book printing, but it serves as free advertising for your business. It is not only free, but because it is a book rather than a simple display advert, it allows you to weave the story of not just your expertise but of the benefits to the reader if they utilize your product or services. Another benefit is that a book unlike an advert, due to the depth of content, can position you for the “back end sale” a traditional fixture of marketing. A “back end sale” is when you buy a product from a TV advert and whether by phone or website, you are offered a great deal on either a part that compliments what you bought or simply to get a second one free for the cost of shipping only. You can, as you are in control of the length of your book, offer “coming attractions” or new additions to your product line or services without the cost of having to advertise them.


By writing and printing a book that you can either self publish or offer it to book publishing companies, you can increase your credibility as well as that of your business. Your book can become, if well written, a reference source for your industry. You can even seek out testimonials for your book from others in your industry. These would not necessarily be your competitors, but your peers in such areas as your supply chain, sub vendors, and the like.

Expert In Your Field:

By authoring a book about your niche or field you are quickly perceived as smarter, as well as having an ability to garner customers who seek you out, lessening the need for cold calling or other forms of advertising. Your book can demonstrate your abilities, competence and credibility with you being in control of what is written, thus how you and your product or service are perceived. By authoring and book printing, you become “an authority” on the subject and as I have said before, who better than a customer seeking products or services such as yours, than to seek out the “authority on the subject”.

Generate More Profit:

Add participants to you seminars and further enrich the profitability of them by having a book to sell at the event. It can become almost circular in a life of its own, as each can generate more success for the other. People can buy your book at the seminar as well as the book becoming a driving force to get people to come to your seminar.

Telling Your Story:

When you write and print a book, here are a few things you want to be sure to cover in an organized fashion for the reader: Create a great and catchy title, one that the prospective buyer of your book can visualize in a way that it can answer their problem, issue or how it benefits them. On the back cover tell the potential reader why you are in a place to write such a book. Point out your expertise, history in the business or service, and what makes you able and qualified to write about the topic. Make sure you understand your niche and who you are trying to appeal to as well as how they can benefit from doing so. Describe the content and the benefits to the reader as people never want to know what you offer, just how they will benefit if they buy your book.

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