calendar printing as product branding

You have a product or service to sell, but as you live in a large civilization and not alone on some far away planet, you are probably not the only one hawking the same thing. So let’s face it, why you, why your product or service and why not someone else’s? One answer is “branding”. Wikipedia defines a “brand” as “a name, logo, slogan, and/or design scheme associated with a product or service”. Wikipedia further defines “association” as “a connection between two or more concepts in the mind or imagination”.  Therefore it is easy to see how when one sees a familiar “brand”, albeit simply the logo or a slogan, one immediately “associates” that logo or slogan with the product or service itself. A classic oldie but goodie is “Where’s the beef” as asked by that wonderful character actor Clara Peller, with the association bringing immediately to mind the Wendy’s hamburger chain simply by the association of the slogan with the product as ingrained in our minds by the commercials: Branding.

Now to my point: Calendar printing is a fabulous and inexpensive way to achieve a great branding result for your product or service. It does not matter if you are a manufacturer who has heretofore relied on catalog printing to present one’s products, an author promoting a new printing of books, or the release of a new magazine, branding helps and calendar printing is a cheap way to reinforce your brand image on the public. The fact is that the public tends to buy “brand” products and even when not refer to the brand when purchasing the generic or the rival, such as the “Kleenex” brand or “Google it for search.

Think about this: How many marketing vehicles do you know that you only pay for once and it gets your message out all year long? This is one of the best features of calendar printing in order to promote your brand. You can even get a year and a half bang for your buck if you are printing calendars midyear with an 18 month calendar.

Calendars also provide the user with a regular reminder about your product or service. Every month the user get’s to see a new and original message created by you for them about your wares. The individual dates can even have little tidbits about the features or benefits of your product or service which may or may not be tied into a given month, but in any event adding more grist to the branding mill.  Just think about the end user checking to see today’s date and at the same time getting a message from you extolling the virtues of what you are selling.

Calendar printing makes for great promotional gifts. It is a nice way to say thank you to clients, yet at the same time presenting them with a daily reminder that you are there for them and how they can benefit from doing business with you. The percentage rate of purchases made that were influenced by information on a calendar is immense. Industry stats indicate that about ¾ homes or business make purchases resulting from the advertiser who supplied them with the calendars.  Not only does calendar printing result in sales, it has the double benefit of creating good will and appreciation for the supplier by the one receiving this free gift.

If your calendar is on someone’s wall there is also the additional benefit of it being in the view of other potential customers as they pass by and view it. It is like a magazine that gets passed around after the reader is through with it. You can think of it as the “gift that keeps on giving-TO YOU!”

Imagine, your company calendar promoting your brand, bringing you sales and good will and at the same time being a piece of functional art. What better and more cost effective way than this to promote your brand and your business?


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