magazine printing to market your company

There are many ways to market one’s business and in this economy it is important to be aggressive. Those who are not may fall by the wayside and you could be one of the ones standing there at the end of the day once the economy turns. While there are a variety of ways to market your business a fun one is magazine printing.

Your own company magazine could be just the ticket to get out your message or disseminate your product information. Catalog printing is fine but imagine how much sexier your product line would look in your own company magazine, and the fun you could have with each issue as you talk about your product, its uses, with testimonials from users, more casual photos and more.

One nice thing about today’s technology is that printing magazines does not need to be done in such large numbers. You can scale your quantity to the size of your customer base. This means you could print a magazine today at a cost effective price for only a few hundred copies using the latest digital technologies or move it up the ladder of quantity with sheet fed or web printing depending on the scope of your business’ reach. Magazine printing can get your message or product info out in a way that would be more enjoyable to the reader, who may come to look forward to your next issue much more than your next catalog.

You can keep things simple and have a magazine with as little as 8 or 16 pages. Some of the software on your computer, such as Office with Publisher, an inexpensive program, not loved by printing companies, but sufficient if you learn how to use it properly. This way you can use your entire staff as writers, photographers, editors, sales force and so on by delegating the specific areas to specific employees. The benefit to them would be some editorializing about themselves and thus seeing themselves and their story in print. Not only does your company magazine serve as a marketing tool, but also as a fun item for your staff.

If your company, as many are, is invested in community service, you can also devote a section to your philanthropic endeavors. This not only serves to get more people involved there but shows off your company in the best of ways. Unlike catalog printing, magazines, assuming they are published on a regular basis and may contain many less pages than a catalog, serve as a way of updating your customer base on any changes in your product line or services. Another benefit is that it will help with your companies branding efforts as you are more regularly putting your image out there.

You can include coupons to promote a new product at a discount and even include some coupons for local businesses in your area, which could help pay for your venture. It would even allow you to distribute your magazine through their businesses, providing your company and its products or services with another marketing venue. You can also run contests and reward your staff when they achieve something notable with a write up about that employee’s accomplishments.

Therefore why not break from the mold and consider magazine printing as a great new “tool” in your tool box of promotional venues in order to “kick it up a notch”, as Emeril the chef would say. Your customers will love it, your staff would too and mostly your wallet may be the happiest of all when you print a magazine and the increased clientele you will garner for your business from it.


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