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If you are planning to print a magazine then one of the factors you will want to consider is how many pages should comprise your issue. The answer to this is based upon the amount of signatures your magazine will require to beprinted. There are several factors you will want to consider, each with its merits. While this may not be all of the considerations you will be required to make when magazine printing, they are some important ones that can decide whether your magazine will be the success or not that you had anticipated. As a magazine printer I will endeavor to help you here in the area of what constitutes a beneficial page count.


Magazine Printing Costs:

When you are printing magazines, you are paying the magazine printing company on the basis of signatures produced. A signature is the press form running through the web printing press which can be 16, 32 and up to 48 depending upon the size of the press and the roll size it can accommodate. Let’s focus in on 16 pages as that is typical for many magazine printers and even those who run 32 page signatures are running “double 16’s” or twin rolls simultaneously of 16 pages each. When you run less on your final form than 16 pages your cost per page goes up. Many magazine printers will not even run a 12 page signature as it may cost more than running one of 16 pages due to extra bindery costs or the odd sized roll required. An additional 8 pages, can run as a “double 16” with the same form doubled up on the same roll, but there are still additional bindery costs and if a small run the set up for those 8 amortizes over the run as a greater magazine printing cost than any of the 16 page signatures. If your final signature has only 4 pages, there is no gain, but only cost pain therein. At that point you may as well just run a separate cover on heavier stock, dress it up with UV or whatever else that can help you market.

Advertising Profit and Loss:

Herein lies an ugly truth in magazine printing costs, in that if a given signature costs you X dollars on your magazine printing run, and a 12 page signature costs, as in many cases the same amount if not more, then the cost per page is costing you more when you print magazines than on any of those pages within the other 16 page signatures. If you have a posted advertising rate, and the rate for printing magazines is X dollars per page, and your cost per page is more for any odd, non 16 page signature, then you are receiving less income, possibly even losing money on any adds sold on a signature that is less than 16 pages. It may on this basis alone not be worth accepting the additional adverts depending on exactly how many odd pages other than the full signature your magazine will print.

Less Is More:

The marketing affect from selling out all adverts is huge as you move on to the next issue and once again contact your current advertisers as well as potential new ones. The greatest phrase your sales staff can utter is “our last issue was a sell out on advertising”! It is my opinion from having market experience over the years, that the sell out allows you more millage in your marketing, advertising and public relations success than the few extra dollars earned by selling only a couple of more pages. Don’t let greed dictate when you can become a true capitalist and gain the upper hand for you magazine and benefit on future issues from this wise decision.



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