magazine printing to boost your business and brand your products

There are a myriad of valid reasons why people use print advertising in order to promote their business or services. Print is not dead it is just sharing the field with more media ever since online advertising moved in to join, radio, television, billboard advertising and more. The question remains for those of you who do choose print media, an old and true form of advertising, which presents its best returns and branding for your dollar. I include branding, as an advertisement may offer you immediate returns, but not necessarily long term, where branding offers you long term results doing to the familiarity of your brand.

I think we can agree therefore that print advertising in all of its forms from newsprint adverts to flyers or posters that print will be around for quite some time. Therefore, which may offer you a better bang for your buck along with the ancillary benefits of branding and uniqueness of approach? I proffer that magazine printing may offer you the whole enchilada as it serves the immediate and it is a more unique and personal approach than many other forms of print advertising as well as offering you the additional benefit of branding due to its audience capture, repetitive release and the branding it offers your company and products.

Should you succeed at creating a monthly or even quarterly issue when you print a magazine for your business or services, you build a readership that can look forward to receiving the next issue of your magazine. You do not have to limit yourself to articles and pictures when printing magazines. You can incorporate national or local items of interest to your readership, even syndicating some columns from the syndicators of other writers or even blogs or online articles. You can even benefit from printing a magazine, as you personalize it, informing customers about in house goings on and the staff you employ as your magazine may also become an important in house organ and increase employee participation with and also increase their loyalty to the company and potentially their output.

Your magazine can become a great place to offer unique specials only available to your loyal customer subscribers to your magazine, where you encourage repeat business and they can look forward to your special sales promotions. In this way you lock in your audience who are always eagerly awaiting your next issue in order to see how your magazine can provide them with new benefits. Let’s face it, it is not about what you offer, it is about how your customer benefits from doing business with you.

A great benefit about a well thought out and run magazine is that unlike other forms of print advertising, yours may pay for itself within the scope of the printing and marketing of the magazine on its own, especially if you open it up to advertising from non competing businesses or services that are similar to the buying demographics of your core audience. That said, repetition becomes your friend with every issue of the magazine you print as each successive time you print a magazine you are hammering home your sales pitch and reinforcing your products or services benefits to the consumer.

The long term benefit of printing a magazine for your business is that it helps establish your brand. It is important to create a quality masthead and logo, which you should already have had for your business onto your magazine so that with each successive magazine you print you are further inculcating your brand into the minds of your readers as well as anyone else they pass it on to for a fresh read. The branding of your image and business creates a familiarity and instant recognition as you further market your brand over time. The more recognizable your brand is, with the help of your magazine, the easier it becomes for you to increase sales, penetrate new markets and grow your business.  Magazine printing can offer you many roads to success and at the same time become an enjoyable enterprise on its own for you to discover and at the same time adding immeasurable value to your business and brand.


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