printing company survives penguin

Printing by Design, a commercial printing company for books, magazines, catalogs and more, with its website, online since late 1994 was hit hard as of April 24th by Google’s Penguin update. Google felt that many of the links to the site were “unnatural” and possibly paid for links from nefarious sources. Who knows what is in the mind of this gigantic search empire as there algorithms used to devise how ones site is found in the SERPs, even as well as their policies sometimes are never made know to the common web owner. Ours is not to reason why, ours is just to….survive Google.

I am happy to report as of this writing that around ten days ago, the Google behemoth had decided to lift their boot from our stretched neck and we are no longer in the Google dog house. After months of manually removing links we thought were suspicious, and even some that probably were not we exhausted our list of compliant and friendly webs who accommodated us just at the time when Google released there “disavow tool”. All in all about 2,000 “so called” suspicious links were removed manually with another 3000 accomplished by using the tool. It is however an ongoing process as dozens of new sites link to us without asking and in many cases having no relevance to commercial printing companies or the production of books, magazines, catalogs and the like.  This means that in our monthly maintenance we must update the Google tool to block these players.

The bottom line is that PBD, the quality and affordable player among printing companies and both a web printer and sheet fed, is now in full compliance with Google and once again PBD is Googlicious.

We look forward to having you visit with us on our web real soon. Let us become your printing company of choice.


Ira Blacker

Printing By Design


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