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You own your own business or work for a medium or large corporation. Like any business you have needs that must be fulfilled in order for your business to succeed. Part of every day that you go to work, other than fulfilling the daily routine of sales and production you spend on attempting to conceive of ever new ways to promote your business both externally with additional sales and branding as well as internally with hiring, employee relations and general harmony and information flow.

What better way of inexpensively doing all of this than by the newspaper printing or a newsletter that can be utilized both as a promotional vehicle for your products or services as well as an in house organ to promote your company’s interests?

There are many choices for you for printing a newspaper or printing a newsletter so let’s take a look at what they are and how each may benefit your company.

Newspaper vs. Newsletter:

The essential difference is based on the size and paper available and generally used for each. A newspaper printing company generally prints on newsprint which comes in several different shades and sizes. The Los Angeles or New York Times as most newspapers utilize the basic 27.7 newsprint as it is the most economical to purchase. If you are printing a newsletter the paper will generally be 50# offset, better known as 20# copy bond. Size also matters as newsletter printing services are generally produced by copy shops or “quick” printers who only possess small presses and are incapable of producing large size sheets or even running newsprint which can only be run by a large web press. Therefore this tells you that if you need short quantities in the hundreds, stick with a newsletter or if larger quantities in the thousands newspaper printing is ideal for you and it is not very expensive. Also newsprint, in my opinion, seems to carry a more substantial weight of authority as it simply looks more impressive should you be able to utilize that format over newsletters.

Available Sizes:

Generally speaking newsletter printing implies the small press which means that your most cost effective size would be the 8.5 x 11” folded sheet. Page counts can be 4, 8.12, 16 or more if on a small press and 6, with a fold out page if you are printing enough newsletters to warrant a larger commercial printing press. Newspaper printing, which utilizes roll sizes and is constricted to the actual size roll any given web press can run, generally is available in three sizes, with each being dependent on the roll size of the newspaper printing press. The smallest page size would be 8 1/8 x 10 3/8”, which is typical of many cold set newspaper printing presses, the half tabloid size, approximately 11 x 14” and the full tabloid printing size of approximately 11 x 17” or up to 23” in length. Usually you will find the full tabloid sizing arriving at the newsstand as a quarter fold which is folding once in half and then right angling to a second fold.

Paper Stocks:

Paper stock choices are dependent on two things: availability from the mill and the press you intend to run on. Newsletters can not only print on the standard 50# offset, but also use heavier weight papers as well as gloss or dull coated paper stocks. Newspaper printing relies on newsprint and if otherwise, you would then need to produce what is a very cost effective item to a heat set web press in order to accommodate the use of the coated paper stocks with the heaters necessary to dry the inks. Newsprint comes in a variety of grades and brightness. The lowest grade is the Times aforementioned 27.7 newsprint and is the thinnest paper stock available and if only printing one color ink, that is more than sufficient. From there the available newsprint varies from 32-35# stock and may be called E Brite or Hi Brite and the important thing to know when buying it is the brightness which generally ranges between 70-80 brightness. Some newspaper printing companies may offer a unique stock called alt. offset or alt news in that the refining while recycling of this paper removes the most ink so that it looks “government close” to offset as well as being available in heavier weights ranging from 40-45# stocks.

Ink Colors:

As with all print companies, you will have at your disposal anywhere from 1-6 colors, with 4 representing the process CMYK rainbow of colors and above that the spot Pantone colors. What will determine ink availability is going to be the press you print on as well as your wallet.


Here is something you can not only have fun with but also use in the branding of your products and services while making your customer base more fully aware of what those products or services are. You additionally benefit by adding a friendly and personal face to your company as your customers can become aware of your company events and the employees who work there. The fun part is that it can at the same time serve as a house organ, promoting company policy with the newspaper as well as in house company events. It may even serve a purpose of spotlighting the employee of the month, serving to highlight the efforts of the employees as a reward for a job well done.

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