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You probably like most businesses sending out an assortment of materials from flyers to catalogs in order to promote your products and or services. It is just as important how you present them as to the individual quality of each especially if you have multiple sell sheets and other printed materials. The most professional way to present your materials is inside a presentation folder as it not only is a secure and tidy way to make your presentation but also offers you an additional methodology for company branding of your image.

What is a presentation folder?

A presentation folder, also known as a pocket folder, is a “portfolio” of your printed pieces. It is constructed form usually 12 or 14 pt board stock as any less will be flimsy. It can also be manufactured from a myriad of custom uncoated high end papers should you so choose.  Generally folders are printed only on one side, as when the pockets are folded it in and glued the appearance is of a two sided printing job. It is quite standard to have slits for a business card as well as a slit to house a CD or DVD of your company video or power point presentations. The pockets are fashioned at the outside with a glue flap to hold the edges in place so that once folded nothing can easily fall out. The standard size of a presentation folder is 9 x 12” with a four inch pocket. The business card slits are usually placed on the right pocket.

What if I have lots of materials?

Should you materials to insert be many and include thicker items such as a catalog or brochure, then a custom fabricated presentation folder is called for and that is called a “capacity” model for obvious reasons. The capacity capacity presentation folderfolder is created by adding usually an eighth of an inch to the pocket depth, glue flaps and to the spine so that the die cutter can create a double score in order for the completed folder to have a greater internal width and for the folding to be such that the spine creates a clean fold as a result of its capacity double score.

How can I avoid reprinting if we move?

The smartest move one can make when printing folders is to not add the company contact info directly onto the presentation folder but to have all relevant information on the business card which would be inserted into the card slits on the right pocket. Business card slits can be accomplished so that two different cards can be housed on a single pocket as there is room to do so. By not printing your contact information on the folder itself you are creating a much longer “shelf life” for the pocket folder.

Can I make a custom pocket folder?

Yes you can. In addition to the capacity presentation folder as mentioned above, you can have a three panel folder where there is a center pocket. The center pocket does not need gluing as when folded the other panels hold the materials in place. Another style feature can be a vertical pocket where you slide the materials in from left to right if using the right side pocket. Pockets can also be cut on an angle for a unique approach or even have custom-folder-casecustom cuts such as scallops or anything you fancy.  In addition to inks a somewhat common feature of presentation folders is embossing, which is the raising of an image or type face. The reverse is de-embossing where the image is sunken. The embossed image can also be registered to ink, so that an actual image on the page is raised. Foils used well can add to the look, but in my opinion are a bit dated. Custom die cuts of see through designs that can feature a printed sheet underneath or a fancy die cut design works well too. Another nice feature of any presentation folder is if you are inserting several sell sheets you could stagger cut them, so that each successive one is shorter than the one before, giving it a nice “indexed” look.

What about a self-mailer?


pocket folder for mailing

If you generally mail out your materials a unique approach would be to create a folder with a flap that would extend from one side and fold over the back of the other and have a pull tab toopen it. You would also be required by the post office to have tabs on the top and bottom as they would be open. The look would be one of an “under the arm type of portfolio” and you could use custom papers to create an additional uniqueness to it.

If you have ever thought about the internet as the “great equalizer” where someone with a nice website can look as grand as the biggest competitors on the web, yet in reality is a small business or even a home based business? The same is true with the materials that you present to your potential customers and a presentation folders tells them that you too are in the game and ready to win and help them win with your products or services.


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