business printing of flyers, magazines, postcards, brochures, direct mail and more
Business printing unlike quick printing for invitations and other small personal items is the marketing of your message to other companies and/or individuals through printed materials that carry the message about your product or brand and its benefits to the customer. Generally speaking the quantities are far greater than with quick print and much more sophisticated in design, color and print technologies.  Let’s look at some of the issues as to what business printing entails and how it can benefit your company.

To effectively market your company through printed materials there are some questions you will need to first address in order to come up with the best print marketing solution for your company and brand.

Who Are You Marketing To?

Are you clear on your niche as to who you need to market to and clearly understand your customer’s demographics? Are they young, older, male, female, affluent or not so? If upscale you may want to send out a more sophisticated piece on better paper stock. If you are selling nuts and bolts you may want to scale down and keep it more affordable. Your understanding of your customer helps you to decide how best to spend your dollars on the business printing you purchase.

What Business Printing Best Tells Your Story?

Are you served better with a brochure, flyer, poster or do you require something with a bit more heft and page count to display your multitude of wares? Every picture tells a store, as Rod Stewart once sang, and every type of business printing has a purpose.  Your purpose will be dictated best once you can define your story and brand requirements.

What About Costs?

Needless to say with a variety of business printing options the range is wide. Printing a simple and small postcard to get your message out is going to be extremely inexpensive as compared to a multi page brochure, catalog or magazine. The larger the print material the less yield on the press sheet and the greater cost. The more pages of the publication you require will be more costly than less.  The average press sheet is 16 letter sized pages, so if your brochure or catalog is 16 pages your cost is approximately double that of an 8 page brochure, as the latter can print two up on the press sheet.

What Are My Distribution Options?

Depending on what your brand dictates there are multiple options for distribution. If you are creating flyers, catalogs or brochures you can utilize direct mail marketing to reach your customer base and as much beyond that to potential new customers that you may want to encourage working with you. If you have local offices that can distribute the business printing finished materials then drop shipping to each of your offices direct from the print shop is an option.  Door to door distribution of flyers and door hangers is an option in lieu of direct mail if in a local area.

Even in this day of digital delight and instant messaging your message can still be gotten out in a first class fashion in order to reach your audience and give them something tangible that in order to read and see the images of your products they don’t first have to boot up the their computer or be online. Business printing may be an older form of media, but it too at times can still be instant as well as very, very effective if planned well and done right.

Allow PBD to provide you with the best print solutions for your company and at the most affordable prices.

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