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Printing a program or pamphlet is a great idea for your event. It not only can answer any questions that may arise with respect to the details of your event but also is a great way of memorializing the memories of that event for those who participated in it. There are many different types of events that occur on a daily basis and each type may have specific characteristics required to print for it.

Some typical events that call for programs or event pamphlets are as follows:

Weddings:  A program is a nice thing to provide at a wedding as it can memorialize the event and become a keepsake not just for the newly married couple but for all those family members and friends who attend. It can be small but a suggestion would be to use an archival type paper that can last through the years.

Organizations: Organizations who hold events such as chambers of commerce, churches, synagogues or any type of group benefit from having a program at the event. It not only can present the day’s events in an organized fashion to allow people to track the pending items on the schedule but to also clearly decide on which to attend or not. Another nice feature of having one is that ads can be sold for the benefit of the organization.

Exhibits: All exhibits, for example an art exhibit can benefit from printing a program as it is an index and explanation of that which is being exhibited. It can help those viewing the exhibits to better understand the work and its creator.

Seminars: Seminars always benefit from providing the participants with a program as it allows them to track that which is being presented and to make notes in the pamphlet provided for future reference. In the light of this, you would best be served by either using a dull coated paper stock if there are images or an offset uncoated stock so that writing in the pamphlet is an easy accomplishment as it is harder to do if gloss paper.

Conferences or Trade Shows: A conference can be large and sometimes confusing with multiple events. Therefore a printing a program allows the conference participants to have a guide as to the location, timing and content of each of the events there.

Theaters: Always a nice thing to have at a theatrical presentation as the guide gives you insight into the play, as well as providing you with a who’s who in the caste and what their backgrounds and accomplishments may be.

Sports:  As with live presentations at a theater, a sporting event having a program allows the reader to find out more about the teams playing including the players, past meetings and general team stats. Gloss paper generally is the way to go for a sports event or theaters as they generally contain many images. It also is a great souvenir from the game.


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