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Whether you want better circulation for your magazine, sales for your book or any product or service, there is a method for doing so online and here is a hint of what is necessary that I am willing to share with you.

First and foremost you need the services of someone who can build you an optimized website as that must be the hub of your business. Published or self published, online or printed magazine, product or service,  it is where you disseminate all of your business details and can easily have links for selling directly or otherwise directions on how to purchase from you.

Now the next step is how to promote your web site. I think what we all have found is that to varying degrees,   the social networking sites, like LinkedIn, FaceBook or Twitter can play a great role in your marketing plans.

On your website it is important to set up a blog where you would post useful articles as well as updates at least twice a week and build your author rank. This is the new flavor of the month at Google and they are making it an important aspect in their page ranking algorithms. You would then jump on all of the major social networking sites and start discussions based on the blogs content with a link to the blog or on sites like Twitter where you drop you blog with a catchy phrase and a bunch of hash tags which are keywords that relate to your posts such as #pbdink, my company on Twitter.

The key is to make sure that each has a link back to your website for “Google Juice”. You see we are all required to feed the Goggle Monster. 🙂 Some of the sites you would be served well to use are: LinkedIn, FaceBook, Twitter, Google Plus One (major one), Pinterest, Squidoo, Delicious, My Space, Digg, Tumbler, Delicious, Reddit and others where you could drop a link with your “Tweet” to spread the word. Google looks to off page elements, such as these to conclude that you may be “relevant” in order to move you up in the SERPs: (Search Engine Results Page).  Hopefully this will help you to better understand what is necessary in order to promote online your book, magazine, product or service. Now you too are an expert. 🙂



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