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If Mark Twain were alive today he would look at all those folks preaching that the death knell has tolled for commercial printing are but fools. Commercial printing is alive and well and getting results for users.

We are living in a changing environment and although we are changing it does not imply in any way that what we use in our daily lives is no longer useful. It simply implies that we may change how we use them or have found that we need to be integrating several forms of media in order to be selling our books or magazines or promote our companies via business printing. Now when a book is produced or a magazine printed there generally is an online version. When companies market their wares, the medium has expanded to include online along with commercial printing and direct mail. The winners are those who have been able to successfully integrate all forms of media in order to reach their customers.

Marshall McLuhan, in his book “Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man”, coined the phrase “The medium is the message” explaining that the medium embeds itself in the message, and influences how the message is perceived.

What does this mean?

It means that there are certain aspects of the message that are conveyed in book printing or magazine printing or any form of print that add to and can enhance the message of the printed piece as well as producing better results than the electronic message.

  • Paper is tangible and when held as a certain feel and substance. I know that when I start to read a book I even remove the dust jacket to experience the finish of the case bind of a hard back. I go to the end to view the page count and read the index about what is contained there.
  • The brain seems to process information better with the printed piece than on screen, including your memory of what you just read according to recent studies. See The Chronicle of Higher Education.

What is now necessary?

In order to maximize your results in today’s environment you must harvest the sales or promotion from any form of medium that is at your disposal and can bring you the results you seek. Book printers, as in our case, are even providing electronic versions of the printed book so that the author may take advantage of selling the book in both mediums. Magazines and newspapers are now offering online editions. Today one captures their audience by “any means necessary”.  Some things may very well do better with the printed version or the electronic version, but the reality still is that overall you need both.

  • One quarter of Americans do not access the internet according to “Internet World Stats” for usage and population statistics 2012. Therefore it means if you do not cross over into print you are losing a hefty segment of the population.
  • In an aging population not everyone has the ability to easily get information from a handheld device. One may get small bits, but when they want more detail, they find picking up a newspaper or magazine far more convenient.
  • If your message is a small one, try getting it on at a reasonable cost with a web presence versus a nice brochure with direct mail marketing.
  • A U.S. Post Office study found that direct mail catalogs accounted for almost of a quarter of website traffic and almost 40% of sales for the online retailer.


You must cross platform to extend your reach

Even web marketers when building an online presence realize that they must also use an offline one to market their website. So what do web marketers and web owners know that you don’t? They know that there is a world other than that of Tron and that offline marketing techniques are a must in order to help establish an online one. Not everyone can make it to the top three pages of Google where virtually all sales happen. Print gives you that reach that you may never have online and even if you are lucky enough to attain that, you are extending your reach by adding print as an additional medium.


In today’s world no matter what your business or what one publishes, you need both worlds, both mediums in order to saturate your message and your sales. For a tangible and time proven entity commercial printing and direct mail marketing, which can be personalized as well, offer you solutions that may not be attainable either at all online or will require both online and offline print solutions in order to maximize your reach as well as saturate your market.



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