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Just as the digital revolution has taken a chunk out of many commercial printing company’s bottom line, so that today when one organizes a promotional campaign or prints a magazine, the immediate task is to publish one’s book, magazine or establish a promotion across both platforms, the printed page and the online promotion whether by web, social networking or blogging. Just when you thought the angel of death was near printing’s door commercial print has reinvented itself with 3D printing.

What Is 3D Printing?

More specifically it is called  Stereolithography, invented by Charles Hull and like offset printing it is the reproduction of an image, except unlike offset printing which reproduces a flat two dimensional image, a three dimensional image is produced layer by layer and with plastic resins. I would point out here that there is another type of 3D printing invented by Barry Landa called Nanographic Printing which is a combination of offset and digital printing of which I have written about earlier.

To best portray the scope and immensity of this type of “reproduction” there is a Dutch architect, Janjaap Ruijssenaars who is using this 3D Sterolithography to “print” or construct his #D “Landscape House”. Now that is huge in every respect of the word, so you can imagine the scope of what can be printed if one could print a house with this technology.


What Is The Future?

The future for 3d printing is unlimited as it is the first new manufacturing method in the recent industrial period. It completely rethinks the current methodology of mass production and the assembly line as the only methodology to create with.  As this is a technology whereas an inventor or just a replicator can produce just one it is a perfect tool to allow for manufacturing a prototype as well as a custom made “print”.  This technology can be used for hobbyists, model makers all the way to custom body parts. The Belgian company LayerWise has made an entire human jaw bone using 3D printing technology which was then implanted into the patient. The technology has given rise to “on demand manufacturing” which allows for products to be made that may have never come to market before.  Even NASA is getting into the act at their Ames Research Center and are experimenting with programs that can create unique products while in space.

The Present Is Simply Evolving!

Before anyone decries the end of printing, think about these new gains that are creating a whole new world of manufacturing and replication as after all printing over the centuries since Guttenberg and before has always been about manufacturing and replication, except the future has added a third dimension to the production line.


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