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Just because you put a campaign together to market your book, magazine or business does not mean it will be successful. You may have the most fabulous book or greatest magazine concept, let alone an invention more spectacular then cheesecake (well maybe not Lindy’s in Brooklyn, back in the day). While this all may be true, and your book or product may be wonderful, if nobody knows it exists, it is like that old colloquialism “if a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it, did it make a sound”.  Therefore I would expect that you would not want your creation to “fall on deaf ears” or trumpeted to “The sound of Silence”.

So, what can you do about getting your message, book, magazine or widget out there in front of everybody? The answer is a campaign that I will refer to as “cross platform intelligence”.  All this really means is simply that you create a marketing campaign that is intelligently thought through and that you are covering all of the bases. For each item of your campaign that you create, think it through for each of its elements.

 Commercial Printing To Create Your Message:

If you will be utilizing any form of commercial printing to create a campaign, don’t just stop at the pretty images. Consider if your pitch is the best it can be. Are you “offering” anything, as if so that is the language of yesterday?  Consider revising your message to reflect what will attract the potential customer. You are already making an investment in the brochure or catalog printing so why not protect that investment and utilize a professional copywriter as well so that your message is enticing to the reader? Where you would “cross platform” your message and your brand, would be to tie all in, copy, images and overall message from what you print in your company magazine or catalog, with your website and all else that you do.

Book Marketing Solutions:

Whether you are self publishing or are a published author, there are things that you can do in order to market your book following printing it. Their of course will be the standard things that a publisher or self publisher can do, such as book signings at local book stores, websites, social media and more. Consider calling local radio stations that are still required by law to make a certain part of their broadcast day open to “public access”. You may be getting up early, but there not only are folks listening but you also get to advertise that you will be on W123 radio and later list such in your resume or other advertising after the fact as well. Don’t be afraid to ask the DJ or program director for a short testimonial as you will be able to utilize that in your future marketing. Chambers of commerce, churches and organizations will always be looking for free speakers where you can market AND sell your book at the event. Most publishers, should you be published, will sell you books at wholesale in order for you to make direct sales with. Whatever you do, tie it all together so that if you are printing a flyer it talks about your upcoming radio guest spots, or if online refer to your guest appearances, as the important thing is to use everything available to you in order to market your book yet all tied together and related in a way that it maximizes your efforts via your “cross platform” approach. If you are and you should producing a digital as well as paper copy from your local book printing company, you can offer a “two for” sale or even give away a digital copy with each version of the paper book, a “cross platform” of your sales campaign.

Magazine Marketing:

Many successful magazines today are producing both a digital online edition with such technology as Flipping Books and a hard paper copy sold at the newsstands. It does not matter how you make the sale or what it takes to get the “eyeballs” on your pages, just so long as you have the views to keep your advertisers happy. Remember “it’s all about the eyeballs” and by the “cross platform” of print and digital you are covering all of the bases as in this case, “the message is via the medium”.  Try branding your magazine with other things that folks use, whether mouse pads, writing pads, coffee cups, T shirts or caps, get your brand out there.

Widget Sales:

It really does not matter what you are selling as we are living in an age of transition, where even manufacturing is being turned upside down by the likes of 3D printing and marketing is in the midst of trying to figure out which works better, the printed version or the digital one. The key here is to “cross platform” your marketing so that you are using “any and all means necessary” to do so as well as to keep your message and brand consistent throughout.

Social Media:

Don’t just rely on your website to bring you business. You must drive people to your site from all of the relevant social media. There is more than just LinkedIn, FaceBook and Twitter, with one possibly better than another for your business model. Pinterest is a must, as the fastest growth of all social media sites. Squidoo, yes Squidoo, a childlike looking site but it drives traffic. Very important is Google’s Plus One as it is not a clone anymore of FaceBook but is intent on being more of a B to B network as is LinkedIn. Others are Delicious, Tumbler, Reddit, Digg and MySpace and all are worth posting on with link back to your site. If you don’t feel like posing for the camera, do an info graphic for YouTube as remember, just like Plus One, it is a Google property. The key is though not just to post but to choose your most applicable sites for your product or service and interact with the other members.

There is just so much ground one can cover in a short blog, but hopefully, as was my intent, it provides you with some food for thought on what you must do in order to market yourself or product. Happy Marketing.


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