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Whether you have thought about writing a book or not there are many benefits to doing so.  I would like to delve into to what they are and how they benefit you as the potential author of your “story” and whatever that may be. In the most general sense whenever someone tells me that they are an author and have published a book either about themselves, their expertise or a fictional work, the initial feeling that I have about that person is “here is someone who has accomplished something significant, extraordinary and they are a force to be reckoned with and respected.” I go on to think that this person “must really know something.” In other words I am truly impressed with that person and the accomplishment of writing and printing a book.

Let’s now look at how YOU may benefit by putting your thoughts, imagination or expertise to paper and what that may be able to do for you, as after all, isn’t it “all about you?”

  •  How You Are Viewed By Others: As I started with, there is something about being known as an “author” that commands respect and admiration in others.  Whether this comes out in natural conversation, such as when asked “what do you do for a living” or “tell me a little about yourself,” your resume or your business brand, people take notice of you more so.  The flip of the coin is also how you will view yourself and it will be to the positive and fulfilled.


  •  Expand Your Horizons Within Yourself: Allow your creativity to flow and your imagination to run wild. Life is not all about work and there is a self satisfying feeling of accomplishment to writing and printing your book. It may simply act as a catharsis as you write your life’s experiences or enable you to write things that you had a difficult time speaking about. In the process of writing, it requires that you organize your information and chapters as well as create a beginning, middle and end and in doing so may also provide you with more of an insight into doing the same in your life. You may find that you can then more easily transfer your new found skills in time management, organizing your business or schedule and more so that your personal life becomes more productive with your new techniques.


  •  Provide A Forum For Your Expertise: By writing about what you may know best, your knowledge on any given topic or subject you are sharing your expertise with others who then can view you as “an expert” because you have written on the subject matter of your expertise.  Should you rely on your expertise to persuade or influence others, it can provide you with a sort of “bully pulpit” as folks may state more easily “he/she must know about that as he/she as written a whole book on the subject.”


  •  Increase Brand Awareness For Your Business: There is an old axiom that “people prefer to do business with an expert” as I already have broached the topic with how people view “authors as experts.” When someone considers doing business with you or your company, you will have already provided them with a wealth of information about how well you know your subject matter which of course would include how well you could potentially provide your goods or services to your potential customers. You will have a status within your field as the “go to guy/gal” as “you wrote the book about that.”


  •  Experts Can Charge More: When you write, print and publish your book, as a published, self or through others, you are “an expert”.  As I have stated above, people want to do business with experts and not those who they perceive as offering a lesser product or service or to the point someone with less expertise than they may perceive you to have. As an “expert” you may then be able to charge more for your product or services as you are at the top of the totem pole among people in your business with potentially a higher visibility in your field.


  •  Employment Benefits: Whether people want to hire you for speaking engagements on the “topic of your expertise” or simply to hire you for your skills, the benefit to you in the job market is that you have top skills in the area of your employ and the visibility to land the job you seek.


  • Discreet Marketing Ability:  You are probably already writing to market your product or services and if I know you, you are doing so with either a minor or major sales pitch in the course of your posts on LinkedIn, Face Book, Twitter or any of the other social networks as well as with your blogs. Think how discreet it is to portray your expertise in all of its glory in your book, where there is so much expert content that it almost markets itself for you. You would have the most subtle and discreet sales pitch ever.


  • You May Get Lucky:  All said and done your book may become a business on its own and make you money. While you may not have intended this scenario as your reason to write and print a book, you may get lucky and establish a brand new business, that of being a professional author. 


I hope that this has encouraged you to consider these and additional benefits to you and that you truly consider what may be a boon to yourself and your business, that of writing and printing a book.


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