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More and more this is a mantra of small business owners in America due to the frustrations of trying to grow their business in the current economic climate. Many are not sure what the government will due next as the government does not seem to show clear direction let alone one that is cohesive and business friendly. If yours is like many businesses facing these tough economic times maybe you thought it had been prudent to cut back? Wrong!

There is a feeling among the less fortunate economic classes that if a businessman is making money than he or she must be making it while someone from the working class is losing that same money as if in a tug of war with an economic rope. While this is patently ludicrous, it is somewhat true in business. In a business sense, if you are not filling the niche that your business services then another company will do so and crowd you out. Expanding one’s business is filling your niche before your competitor fills it for you and eventually crowds you out.

Therefore now is not the time to be overly cautious with your brand. In order to thrive and even to maintain your place on the economic highway, you need to drive offensively and not defensively. It is imperative that you market your brand, whether it is a widget, magazine or publishing your book, to fill the void left by other companies as the harder economic times force some to be left by the roadside of economic history. It is time to make your mark and push your brand so that it is you filling your niche business market and not your competitor left to fill the void that you left.

What can you do to expand your brand’s horizons you may ask? Well, you can market smartly and aggressively in order to increase your share of the niche you are in. In order to increase your brand’s identity and presence in the marketplace you must get your message out in as many ways as possible. First you must understand your niche your customer base and business model and define who it is you want to attract and then do so. As an example, if you are printing and publishing a book or a magazine, which is your potential readership: How old are they, is there any particular gender or economic strata that would be your prime customers?

It is always recommended to test market your marketing approach. If you are doing a printing and direct mail marketing campaign, start with a smaller area and limited run to test your message. You may want to try several approaches with differing messages and in differing geographical areas and see which brings you the better results. Once you have hit on what works best for your business model you can utilize that message for the mass mailing of your postcard, catalog, book, coupon magazine or brochure.

Cross pollinate your efforts. The more you saturate your message within differing mediums the more your brand will stick. Utilize your own unique web site and support that with direct mail pieces, email campaigns and even print advertisements. Make sure you hit all of the important social media sites and have links pointing back towards your web as well as blogging on a regular basis. You can be selling books, magazines or widgets, it does not matter what, so long as you get your message or story out and further promote your brand.

Yes, the economy sucks, but eventually and hopefully sooner than later, history has shown us that things do improve. The big question is; will you be there after the current economic shakeout is over or will you be left by the side of the road with your competitors controlling your niche market? That of course is totally up to you and how aggressive you are willing to become in order to protect and grow your niche. Then as others fall by the wayside because they were not aggressive enough and pulled back on marketing, printing or advertising, you will be there proudly standing in the forefront of your niche market in order to reap the rewards of an improved and expanding economy.


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