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Or are you ignoring the obvious for marketing your book, magazine or widget? Learn how to use all of the marketing tools at your disposal to get your message out. One of the most important things about marketing is to understand your niche or business model and who your customer is. Once done and you are clear about your path understand that we are living in a fragmented marketing environment.


Books can be purchased as print or electronic versions, Email can be read on your PC, Tablet, Smart Phone or Smart TV (The comeback of Web TV?) and you can advertise your book, magazine or widget in print adverts, online adverts, printed materials, social networking, your own website or blog and a continuum of new technologies. Therefore you must, based on your niche and customer base choose those that serve you best, but you also need to establish your brand on as many of media types as possible in order to capture the widest audience for your wares. If you are limited on funds address which type of marketing modalities will give you the best ROI (Return On Investment) and choose those.

The obvious type of marketing today is via the Internet. Whatever else you do you will require a website for your business as your store front, in addition to any “brick and mortar” establishment you may have. This is especially true for any business, such as authoring books as most authors will not usually have a brick and mortar location to promote from. Your website must be user friendly, fast loading and built in accordance to Google’s standards if you want to ever be found in search. This information can easily be found in Google’s Webmaster Tools online via search.

With a unique website today it is no longer good enough to simply have a well optimized one without supporting it via social networking. Therefore if your website is about magazines, then you will need to be on as many of the social networking sites as possible talking about your magazine as possible and with link backs to your website where doable. Some of the sites you will want to have a presence on would be LinkedIn, FaceBook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google Plus among others. If you are like me you will find that you cannot actively engage equally among them all. I choose to engage mainly on LinkedIn, Twitter and Plus One as that is what works best for my commercial printing model but you may find otherwise.

No matter what you hear about printing being dead, the stats just do not indicate that. Until well into the future there are just too many folks who want a book or magazine in their hand and will respond quicker to a print and direct mail campaign than an email one. When the last time you went shopping was all you had seen on the dress or suit was a QR code rather than a label or price tag? People still like the feel of the printed book or magazine in their hands.

Blogging is super important and not just for the link backs to your website, but because it establishes your “author” credentials with Google who deem that as being super relevant for your web. It also helps to not only promote your product or services but it helps to establish you as an expert in your field and people like dealing with experts.

Email campaigns, newsletters, or a company newspaper are effective ways to get your message out. They generally are cost effective and a typical return on any type of direct marketing is traditionally about 2% on average. You can vary your approaches and test several as the return on this type of investment is measurable.

The key is to test your campaign always with small amounts and find that form of marketing that works best for you. Once done so, cross promote among several types of marketing as it is imperative to get your brand in front of as many as possible so that it sticks. When you do so, be sure to reference the varying methods you chose within each other. If you are printing a brochure, flyer or postcard about your book, magazine or widget, be sure to reference your website, blog and as all else where people may find out about you. Remind people on LinkedIn or Twitter about your latest campaign and let them know to see your latest newsletter or check with your website for details. The key is to get your message out there and in today’s wide marketing arena one needs to explore every means available. Happy marketing!


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