After printing a book you must market it

More than ever writers are turning to self publishing than before and the task of promoting their work falls on their shoulders. Even with many published writers, some decry that their publisher is not doing as much as they could to promote their works. As for publishers, the question arises; are you doing all that you can in order to promote the books that you publish?

I would like to take this opportunity to delve deep into one type of promotion that many may not be doing in order to promote their book or the books of their published authors; the many free speaking engagements that can be had where you can not only promote your book but sell them at the same time. In other words you gain the ability to turn these free events into paid ones while promoting your book.

First let’s identify the types of organizations that will gladly give authors a forum to talk about their book or topics related to it. Many are just dying to find speakers for their events as, let’s face it; it is free entertainment for them and creates a more interesting event for them. However, dwelling on what they get is not the issue, as it is only something to know and use. What is important is what you get in return.

Who are the organizations seeking you?

  • Chambers of Commerce
  • Churches and Synagogues
  • Clubs and Organizations
  • Lodges
  • Business Organizations
  • Large Companies

And more. Therefore your first step is to identify these entities and find out who is in charge of their social/business events in order to contact them.

The next step would be to contact them and offer your services as a guest speaker, and advise them of the variety of topics available to them that you, as an authority, an expert in your field who has written on this, could speak on. You don’t necessarily need to give a synopsis about or a sales pitch on the book you wrote, in fact I would recommend you do not. Instead I would use the topic you wrote about and speak more generally regarding how those events may have come into play in the lives of those in attendance or in their business and weave into that discussion, how there are similarities to the characters in your book. This way you hit home where they live as it will further entice them to be interested in what you wrote.

When negotiating for the speaking engagement, the crucial thing to enquire about as well as making it a condition of your speaking in front of their group for free is that they will allow you to sell your books at the end of your speech at the back of the room. You should further request that you be allowed to announce this from the podium at the end of your speech and that they provide for you a table and chair where you can display your books along with any other informational materials you may have.

Expand your horizons at the speaking engagement as you will want to make as much use of the evening as possible for your own benefit. You should not just have books produced by a book printing company but an audio version as well as an ePub or Mobi version for eReaders which you could sell contained on a disk or cheap thumb drive. Additionally offer your talents as an expert in writing, editing, proof reading or any other related ones for a fee. Income is income and it comes in many ways, especially if you keep an open mind that will allow you to expand your following.

Take names and kick butt! Have a sign in sheet, where you can capture the name, email address and as much information as your new audience will allow you to have so that you can market your books to them in the future as well as let them know where you will be speaking next.

Yes, this is the other part of your brain that you may not have been using, being a right brained creative person, but it is now important to swing left in order to market that which you have created. Happy book marketing.


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