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The book is now ready to release for sale and you are looking to do the “write thing” to market it. One of the best ways to market a book is to BLOG and the benefits of blogging are multiple as well as inter-related. For the

purpose of this writing I will assume that you have your own website, your “home base” for the books you are selling. Therefore let’s look at how a blog can both directly and indirectly benefit you.

Let’s start with this premise; it is “wrong” not to “write” a blog, as it is one of the most important marketing tools an author and/or publisher has in order to market a book once back from the book printer. With respect to the marketing value of a blog, Google, with its latest algorithm is placing heavy emphasis on “author ranking”. This means that your book blog will gain extra emphasis in the Google searches as your “author rank” increases.  Additionally once someone is reading your blog, you are hopefully explaining to them why it is in their “benefit” to buy your book.

Moving on to the elements of blog writing, there are many ways to begin writing one. Lately I have taken to writing titles that are as clever as possible in order to gain attention of potential readers. In the past I have written blogs in order to explain or portray the issues that people who come to me with book printing projects ask or are concerned about. In any event write to fill the vacuum of existing issues of concern.


Write a title that can hopefully grab attention. You cannot gain readers if they are not willing to go to your blog page. You can do so by posing a question that you think you readers may be asking, such as “What Is A Great Novel To Read At The Beach?” or “Have You Ever Wondered What Happened To End YOUR Last Romance?” You can also start with a title such as “Learn the Secret To…..” or “Everything You Ever Wanted To Know about….” In any event, keep it simple and keep it as clever as you can.


Too many times I see blog posts with “Read My Blog” or “My Latest Blog” and who cares? No one does when they see such pap.  Therefore you must first engage with getting them there and once there you must further write about the BENEFITS to the reader. No one really cares about what you write about until there is something in it for them. You must write with the reader in mind and the reader MUST walk away learning or wanting something from you and hopefully it is your book.

Writing Style:

K.I.S.S. (A computer acronym for Keep It Simple Stupid) is a good model to follow so write short sentences, hopefully with a great opening one. Try and engage your reader with shorter paragraphs with a casual tone, as if speaking to them directly. If you can tie into any timely topic on the news it will create instant familiarity in the eyes of the reader and will help make your copy more compelling. Remember the blog is where you are selling your expertise so make it compelling.  Don’t forget to add a visual, whether your book covers or any clever image. Us a bulleted list where appropriate.

Provide Value:

After you first make sure you are doing your best to target your audience and understand who you are writing for you must offer them something of value should they read your blog! They must leave with a takeaway of something new and important to THEM.

Additional Items To Incorporate:


  • Have a Call-to-Action: Always end with a request to “buy now” or “visit here for more info”.
  • Ask for Reader Comments: Where appropriate ask readers for their comments about your post.
  • Incorporate Sharing: Ask your readers to share your blog if they enjoyed reading it.
  • Optimize Content for Search: Have at one or two back links on key words important to your web to it.
  • RSS Feed: This allows anyone who wants to use your provided code to read your entire archive at any time and even post the feed to their site. You can also syndicate your blogs to such as “” and other syndicators and gain more eyeballs.
  • Post Frequently: Post at least once per week or twice if you can.
  • Promote your blog: Announce it on your web and post it on all of the relevant social networking sites.

Hopefully this information will allow you to have the blogging tools so you may create the “write stuff” in order to promote your book once back from the book printer. I look forward to reading your upcoming post.

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