Ok, your book is now complete and fully written and back from the book printer. Congratulations for what you have done SO FAR. However, just because you wrote the next War and Peace”, does not mean that you will have the throngs at your garage door or publishing house their ready, willing and able to purchase it. Why you ask? Because you and your friends and immediate family are the only ones who know that it is for sale. Today’s world has changed, due to many factors, with only one being the economy we share that has tightened the purse strings of publishers as well as authors. So now what? The answer lies in the learning to wear a hat other than author and that is the marketing hat.

To begin, I want to start with what may seem as a digression, as I have referred to your book as complete. Before it is complete you not only need a well formatted and laid out text but a smashing and compelling cover. Yes, the cover is part of the book but it is also the beginning of your marketing plan. The design and layout must not only be reflective of the books innards, but be as compelling as possible and screaming out the phrase “buy me!”  Therefore prior to your contemplating the book printing of your masterpiece, be sure to address that the cover is “market ready.”

Let’s then look at the necessary steps to make your pending audience aware of your new “War and Peace:”

Cover Art:

The cover is the very first thing that folks see when they pick up your book, and this may be a prospective agent, publisher, distributor or some person at a newsstand about to catch a plane. Within seconds you either sink or swim based on the first impression you had created, so it better be your best shot.

You are a writer or publisher but most probably not a designer, especially of books who possesses a marketing sense. A great designer is not even enough as what is required is a designer who supplied with a synopsis by you of the books contents, can create something that is relevant to that which you have written. In addition to that a top book designer also must understand marketing as they will need to create something compelling and eye catching enough so that the casual browser at the newsstand gravitates to your book before all others.

There are but four potential things that a cover can possess:

  • An image reflective of the book content, time period and storyline with appropriate typefaces and color.
  • Use a large title also reflective of content but compelling enough to grab the browser.
  • Balance of copy to explain WHY this is a must read and the “benefits” of doing so.
  • Testimonials/endorsements from recognized names (when possible to obtain).
  • Be aware of current trends for what is selling.
  • K.I.S.S. Keep It Simple Stupid, an acronym (anacronym depending on your spelling choice) of computer geeks. This simply means that you should not crowd the cover page with too much stuff. Go for impact as well as brevity.
  • The most important and compelling message goes at the top.

Once your cover is complete and by complete meaning that you have addressed all of the marketing possibilities you can then the rest of the book marketing work begins. Like anything else you will or have ever attempted, including the writing of or publishing your book, the very first question you must pose is: “What is my potential niche”. In other words who are my readers, who am I appealing to so I can take aim at a specific audience? Let’s face it, not everyone reads the same genre.

If you understand who you are marketing to for your book, you then do not have to shotgun to a mass audience, including many who do not even read books. Once understanding your audience you can rifle your shots instead with direct aim.

The Marketing of Your Book:

The actual marketing of the book or books may take place using a variety of forms and until such time that you have sold a sufficient amount to warrant radio, TV and billboards I will not be including those but only the ones that a new author or publisher with limited marketing dollars or the will to spend those dollars in large amounts until a book “has legs.” I am simply going to bullet point each type of marketing as I have written extensively on each and you can locate them all within the main blog pages.

  • Free speaking engagements
  • TV and Radio Interviews
  • Web Site
  • Blog and Blog Syndicating Sites
  • Direct Mail Marketing
  • Social Network Sites
  • Book Reviewing Sites
  • Email Marketing
  • Press Releases to organizations catering to your topic.

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