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Let’s face it, in a world where unless you are a household name as an author you may be published and receive little marketing help or are self published and it is up to you to market your book. Even if you are a publisher and are looking for some inexpensive ways to market what you publish, let me suggest these.

When creating your message or brand the closer the item is as it relates to a use your reader or end user may find useful the more your message is seen by the user until it may eventually stick. Therefore I would like to suggest some ideas that you can utilize to spread your message with the most appropriate materials.


Many use postcards to hand out describing the wonderment to be found by the reader should they purchase your book? How much of a use by the reader or lifespan of the card with your message is there? Not anywhere near that of a bookmark if any at all. A bookmark, with an average size from most printing companies is 2.5 or even 3.5 by 8 inches. There is plenty of room for images and copy to carry your message about the book you wrote or published. The important factor about using a bookmark is that it is a pure Win-Win marketing technique in that you present an item to a potential reader with your message and the reader gets an item, in this case the bookmark that as a reader will generally use on a regular basis. Therefore your message is “in their face” continually and is a very inexpensive item to create.


While I truly feel that a bookmark is “closer to the mark” of what a reader would find useful along with its continued use throughout the year, the one advantage, other than size, of a postcard printing is that it can be mailed. Printing a postcard and then utilizing direct mail marketing is a time honored tradition to market books with. The key is to be utilizing quality and impactful imagery along with compelling marketing copy.


More than likely calendar printing is more suited to publishers as they are promoting many books or authors who self publish having several books, due to the size and cost to create. As there are several pages, each can be utilized to market a specific book. There is even enough room to have highlights of the story written on the calendar along with appropriate imagery, including the book cover. The bonus of using a calendar in order to market books is that it lasts for at least a year and longer with an 18 month version, thereby continually getting your marketing message about your book out for a year or more.


Poster printing can be a relatively inexpensive way of marketing books in that one does not always need a giant poster to market with. A smaller 11 x 17” poster can be utilized to create an impactful and compelling message. The key is as with much in marketing, to keep it simple. Due to its size, especially if a larger poster is printed, more than one book can be featured on it.

Coffee Mugs:

Everyone has use for a coffee mug and it may carry your marketing message about your book on it for years to come. This fact alone may make it worthwhile to produce some as the cost; due to its construction would be more than a printed bookmark or other paper printed piece. It can even be shared with more than one book to try and spread out the cost over several.

Whichever material you choose in order to market your book or books, the key is to get the word out so that people can be made aware of the book and hopefully become a customer. Doing nothing about marketing your books will only result in doing nothing in sales.

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