book printing, magazine printing, catalogsEverybody is now more than aware that digital marketing and digital books and magazines are here to stay, including owners of printing companies as I. Fortunately the statistics have shown that the surge in digital entities has leveled off, and has even seen the failure of many solely online magazine attempts. What does this all mean to you? It means that in an age of so many different areas to market in and with many marketing tools at your disposal, the smart marketer relies on cross promotion to market and build a brand.

In today’s world where the new and the old forms of marketing exist side by side it is important to utilize everything available to you in order to market your books, magazines or company and to better establish your brand. Cross promotion or cross marketing allows you to reach out to sectors of the public that you would not reach if you limited yourself to only one form of marketing. It also increases a greater awareness of your brand.

Let’s take a look at some of the venues at your disposal for marketing. If you are marketing a book it is also important to note that there is enough evidence out there that clearly suggests that if you do not do a print version you are missing out on an important area of sales. While digital book editions are here to stay and have grown in sales and impact, the difference between print and electronic book sales have leveled off and print is not going away soon. I wrote about this in my blog entitled: “Are You Now Or Have You Ever Been….?” You can access this blog with ease along with any others that I mention here by using the search feature of my blog.

What Are The Marketing Tools Available?

On the print side the following has always been useful:

      Book Marks always of value to readers.

      Postcards are the least expensive way of getting your message out via direct mail.

      Posters have a reasonably long “shelf life” and can have great impact if hung in a high traffic area.

      Calendars can keep pumping out your message and reminding folks continually of your brand all year long.

For detailed information on these four items I refer you to the following blogs I have written:

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Marketing With Areas Other Than Print Are As Follows:

  • Public Speaking Engagements at “Book Printing Promotional Ideas For The Self Publisher”
  • TV and Radio Interviews at “Is Book MARKETING “Write” For YOU?”
  • Blogging at “It’s Better To Be “Write” Than Wrong (The Benefits Of Book Blogging)”.
  • Email Marketing by reading “Write Makes Might! Write it, Email It”.
  • Social Networking and you can learn more here “A True Pyramid Schematic Rather Than Scheme”.

The key therefore is to be able to spread your message by using any and all means necessary to build your brand recognition and promote sales. All of these sources of marketing your book or product can lead to a central hub by having links to it and that can be your website or whatever is your point of sales, such as a blog. At the same time by cross marketing with all pointing to your web you not only centralize your marketing efforts but at the same time build your web presence in itself.

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