commercial printing blog about book printingAre you running around like a chicken with its head cut off trying to figure out how to get the “word” out about your new book or creation? If that is the case why aren’t you using “words” in order to get the “word” out? You are an expert at what you do. If you are an author or magazine publisher one can assume that in order to get the “word” out that you are an expert with words and thus it should be easy-peasy. If you are not yet you run your own business and offer a product or service you are also an expert, not necessarily with the written word but hopefully about your product or service. Therefore, who better than YOU to get the “word” out?

The first thing to address about blogging is “Why Blog”? The answer should seem obvious as we are now living in an age of the “online community” where reaching others in order to spread the “word” about your brand is an effective tool. However, let me list several for you to consider:

  • Branding: Your brand is who you are and should differentiate yourself by your uniqueness whether from other writers, products or services. Blogging is another way to reinforce your brand as it provides you with the soapbox to do so. It allows you to describe why what you do is in fact unique and how others may benefit from that which you do.
  • Public Relations: Blogging is a modern day press release allowing you to announce your latest novel or widget.
  • You As Expert: Blogging as all forms of authorship from your own book to magazine articles helps establish you as an expert in your field.
  • Target Your Audience: You can find out who they are and engage with your target audience and over time give yourself more information as to who they are and how to market to them via your successive blogs and comments they receive.
  • Marketing: Market your book, magazine or widget to your intended audience.
  • Authorship, Ranking and Back Links: Google rates “authorship” very highly in how they formulate their search rankings in addition to establishing your “authorship” as they describe it, you also are provided a place to ad “back links” to your website, but keep these to one or two.


Once you understand the why in blogging it is time to address the how. There are several factors to consider from topic to promoting your blog. Let’s take a look at what some of them are:

  • What Is My Topic? Your topic should always be about two things: 1- What you are attempting to market such as your book or widget. 2- You are writing about what you already know. When you wrote your novel, you set it up as chapters you established a theme about what it was about and possibly created an index. If you are marketing a product or service, several times during the day you are asked questions by customers about it. Answer those questions in a blog as the blog should be informative AND about issues important to your reader.
  • How Long Should It Be? Blogs are not long and the recommended word count is about 450 words, although many times I go over that in order to adequately cover the topic. I am not a fan in particular of part one and part two, but most are. At this point in this blog I am close to 600 words.
  • Where Do I Post My Blog? I am a fan of WordPress but many do use Blogger which is owned by Google. I believe it is best if your blog is part of your website with a WordPress plug in to your web. I write in WordPress but add a link to it in Blogger.
  • Keep It Simple: Use short and concise paragraphs and bullet points where appropriate for an easy read.
  • Post often: The more you post the more you develop your style as well as your following.
  • Invite comments: Quality interactivity as with social networking in general builds followers.
  • The Mechanics Of Setting Up Your Blog: WordPress is basically a template where you can set up your blog as if painting by numbers. If you have your own website, more than likely your webhost will have a plug in that will attach it to your site as if it were another page.

Happy Blogging.

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