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Congratulations you posted your first blog and hopefully my last blog about its values was what got your blog juice flowing. However hold your horses as you are NOT DONE YET. I know this is going to sound crazy because you thought you were writing your blog in order to promote your book, magazine or widget. While that is true there is yet more to do.

It is like a vicious circle that time and Google has wrought upon us. Life used to be a lot simpler when you could finish your book, create a product and slap up a poster as if the circus was a comin’ to town. Unfortunately life and marketing have become a lot more complex and almost like the perennial vicious circle it seems sometimes as if never ending. You now must post your blog along the “social networking trail”. Yup, it sounds like herding cats cowpoke, but it is part of that circle in order to head up the yellow brick road of success.

What are the steps to take to promote your blog to promote your book to promote your brand and to promote yourself? I told you this was a vicious circle, but in case you don’t have a name for your circle you can call it BRANDING.  As you see, you are not just marketing your book after you get it back from the book printer but you are marketing yourself and your brand for everything that you produce. Let’s take a look at what the steps are to announce your blog. Once your blog has been completed the first thing that you will want to do is publicize it by posting it to the social networks and I will list the top ones here that I use. When you do so create two lines of copy that you will need to not only pass muster in order to post in many of the LinkedIn groups, mine included, but also to help you get folks to read your blog once they see your notice.

The first line should be a title of what you are posting and it should be as clever as all hell. You can pose a question such as: “Have you ever wondered……” or make a statement: “Even you can learn to…”

The second line should explain briefly what the post is about and the BENEFITS of reading it. People do not care what another has to offer. They only want to know how it can benefit them.

Top Social Networking Sites:

  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google Plus
  • Pinterest
  • Squidoo
  • My Space
  • Delicious
  • Reddit
  • Blogger
  • Scoopit
  • Biz Sugar
  • Instagram
  • American Express also has a site called and it is worthwhile using.

You can also find many niche sites for authors, magazine publications or any industry that you may be in where you can post your blog as with the generic social networking sites. With LinkedIn you can post in some or all of your groups so long as your blog is appropriate to that group.

Press Releases:

You can also do a press release announcing your blog and there are many such sites that are both generic or industry specific. You can find such sites easy enough with general list sites as these:


Email Marketing:

If you have taken the time to amass a list of email addresses from any signings, personal appearances or opt-ins on your website, they represent a great list of people to email about your blog. Your blog then equates to a “company newsletter” in the cyber age.


One of the most important things to understand about blogging is that blogs act in a “compounding fashion” in that continuity breeds familiarity which breeds fans and instant recognition for future blogs. In simple language BRANDING and the bigger your BRAND is the better the chance you have of selling your books, magazines or wares.

Happy Blogging.

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