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This is the second part of the two part article about promoting and marketing your magazine.

In part 2 of this article you will learn additional ways to market your magazine should you want to start or have a new magazine but do not have the big budget to promote it. What can you do within your means so as to grow your subscribers and not break the bank? Magazine printing need not present you with the “heartbreak of psoriasis” when it comes to sales and the marketing of your magazine. Here is an additional assortment of inexpensive and even free marketing tips to promote your magazine.

Email Marketing:

Email marketing is direct marketing to anyone fitting your niche or demographic as a potential reader or advertiser of your magazine. You can use direct mail marketing to a generic audience in large numbers for a reasonable price or you can purchase lists from other magazine companies or any company or service that has similar demographics to your potential audience. This is a time proven way to get your message out about your magazine, its content and advertising potential.

Direct Mail Marketing:

The same parameters as described in Email marketing apply to direct mail marketing except the medium changes from the internet to the U.S. Post office and the written message. I find oversize postcards work best as they offer an immediate impact with the front color side, if done with great graphics and attention grabbing headlines work best.

Public Appearances:

Many organizations who may serve your demographic model have functions and seek interesting speakers to speak at their events. Following your presentation you can sell your magazine or a subscription to it at a table they can provide you with.

Here are some examples of organizations that maybe seeking free entertainment for their events.

  • Chambers of Commerce
  • Churches and Synagogues
  • Business Organizations
  • Large Corporations
  • Clubs and Organizations
  • Lodges

Once you establish who it is to contact at these groups you would offer your services as a guest speaker, letting them know the myriad of topics available to them via speaking yourself or any of your writers as well.  Once you have their interest you must make sure that as a requirement of your doing so you will be allowed sufficient time to sell your magazine as well as take down information of potential subscribers or advertisers and announce such while speaking in front of their audience.

Radio & TV:

There are many little used hours, usually early morning or late, late night where local stations and cable channels will have time available for “public access”.  While no longer a mandate by law, the fact of the matter is many stations will be happy to have a free guest who if interesting can fill air time for them. Here you can be interviewed and discuss upcoming issues of your magazine, interesting articles, topics of interest and timeliness in the news or anything you deem pertinent to your success of the magazine and to their listeners.

The FCC offers lists of radio and TV stations at to locate stations that will accept guest “experts”, speakers or authors of interesting articles and you will want to request to speak to the program director if available. Once again, make your choice on the basis of your demographics for the magazine where practical.

Public Relations – Press Releases:

Create a concise and favorable press release for posting to the many web sites accepting press releases. is one of several free sites that can distribute your press release about your magazine. Do include a back link to your web at the end of your press release. Stay away from any site that has a low, page 1 or none, page rank in order to avoid potential spam in the eyes of Google.


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