Are you looking for some compelling affordable and new marketing tactics that can separate your book marketing approach from the pack? Here are some innovative marketing techniques that are unique and can help your book printing, book marketing, book printerbrand to cut through the “online spaghetti” and clutter in order to allow you to stand out.


Ready, AIM, Fire:

Use a targeted approach to social networking rather than just flogging your post without thinking about who you are trying to attract. There is a way to “troll” or “mine” for your prospective reader or customer rather than just hoping that some you may reach may (or may not) be interested in what you have to offer.

There are tools you can use to mine for prospects, especially if you don’t have the big bucks to spread your message everywhere as the big boys in marketing do., and Google as well has now started to support hashtag searches. This way you can see who is “searching for you” so to speak, being your book or product.  When I typed in “fiction readers” on, it showed a slew of tweets from people tweeting about a great fiction read. Now if I were a fiction author, I just found “my peeps” or more to the point some very receptive book buyers.  #fictionbooks brought me similar results on with more potential prospects for new works of fiction.

Understanding Your Niche Audience

“Data, data everywhere and not a drop to drink if you don’t mine for it”.  When I was a kid, and now of course I date myself, when I wanted to find out about something I went to the library and used the library card system to look up what I wanted to know. Now between Google, Bing and Yahoo we have the world’s greatest libraries at our fingertips. There you can find data on just about anything. If your novel is about fiction, set in the 1800’s, in a small town in Maine, where the main character is a beaver, you can “Google trends, books about, audiences for, etc.” in order to aim your book marketing straight at the heart of your prospective audience. One bit of recent data that surprised me today was that Baby Boomers now spend more time online than in front of a TV. Should your book prospects be Boomers than online is a good place to market your book?

Build Relationships:

The great thing about the internet and social networking is that it is interactive and immediate. Therefore use this feature to be in the moment with your new prospects and interact with them as this builds fan loyalty to your book or brand. They too want to be heard, so listen and respond.

Are Your Posts Compelling?

Are you creating content with your posts or blogs that are compelling must reads with relevant and interesting information to your fans? This is crucial as you want to be offering them something of value that will BENEFIT THEM.  They need to understand what they will gain from reading your book or buying any product. They need to perceive you as an expert in order to learn from you. Therefore the question you need to ask when you post is, what value are you offering your readers?

Integrate all:

Do try new marketing approaches, test them and if they work for you rock on. However, true brand and fan building is more than just the newest techniques as described here. Integrate these with the tried and true. Once your novel is back from the book printer you need to build your brand by integrating all of this with not just your web or blog of course, but with the rock solid standard book marketing techniques. Print up book marks as a giveaway as well as descriptive brochures, newsletters, flyers, posters and other forms of appropriate commercial printing to promote your brand.  Lastly, whether book marks, newsletters or posters, have a consistency of look and brand as well as keeping all simple. Branding is a form of recognition by your prospects and recognition works in your favor by bringing your book or product to the fore over many others. Therefore your “brand” should not just be unique but utilized over all you do from social media, web to print.


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